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Why You Should Visit Cape Cod in the Fall
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, November 13, 2017

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

Are you ready?

It might be a shocker, but Cape Cod is a great place to travel to in the fall.

While the Cape is largely known as a summer destination, and, let’s face it, summertime is beautiful in the area, the autumn is Cape Cod’s exciting little secret.

It’s true because the fall provides a slower pace of life and the ultimate in relaxation, making it the perfect destination for those who like to decompress at the end of the summer or get away in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Cape Cod Cranberry HarvestWith an average high of 51 degrees in November, it's warm enough that you can spend time outside without freezing while enjoying the sights and sounds of Cape Cod in the fall.

Book your fall vacation on Cape Cod and don’t miss the following great activities for a family or a couple.

Take Scenic Strolls on the Beach

Even though the sunbathing season is over for the year, the beaches on the Cape remain open. This is good news for anyone looking for solitude and relaxation, as you can walk for miles on Nauset Beach in Orleans, Ballston Beach in Truro, or Seagull Beach on the Yarmouth seaside without bumping into anyone.

Those who visit Cape Cod during the autumn love being able to explore nature alone for the day, without having to fight the crowds for a parking for space, while witnessing the fall foliage in the background.

Having a peaceful day exploring the beaches and sand dunes is part of New England coastal living that you must experience to truly appreciate. 

Avoid the Lines at Restaurants

If you've ever tried to get a table at a Cape Cod restaurant in summer, you know how frustrating it can be. 

Don't have a reservation? Don't even bother trying to get into one of the area's hotspots unless you fancy a 10 PM dinner. 

In the fall, however, you will have more choice because the tourists have gone home for the year. This is the best time of year to try a number of different restaurants without having to reserve a table days or even weeks in advance.

For a spontaneous foodie vacation, The Cape in the fall is one of your better bets. Del Mar Bistro in Chatham, Jimmy's HideAway in Provincetown, and Captain Linnell House in Orleans are three eateries that aren’t to be missed.

Experience the Fall Events and Festivals

A surprising number of events and festivals are part of a Cape Cod fall:

In late September, the Bourne Scallop Festival brings three days of food, drinks, and entertainment to the Upper Cape. There is even a carnival with a midway for the kids and a car show for the adults at this fall festival.

In mid-October, the Wellfleet Oysterfest brings a similar dynamic to the Outer Cape. Music, local beer, artisan arts and crafts, and an oyster shuck-off highlight the event.

Fall for the Arts Festival is a month-long, Cape-wide festival that highlights the area’s performing arts. The festival typically takes place in October and November and includes concerts, plays, and other forms of live entertainment. Heritage walks and guided art tours are also part of the event.

Ride the Train to Christmas Town

As we get further into the autumn and the Christmas season kicks off, The Train to Christmas Town is a top attraction on Cape Cod. This train ride, which departs from Buzzards Bay, takes guests to Christmas Town and is outfitted with storybook characters in full costume, elves, and, of course, hot cocoa. 

At the end of the tour, Santa Claus himself makes a personal appearance.

The train runs from late November through Christmas and is sure to create a memorable experience and keep the Christmas magic alive for any children that take a ride.

Something for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for a family vacation full of seaside festivals or a romantic getaway with live music and dinner for two, Cape Cod has fall activities for everyone. And because more accommodation options are available during the slower months, it is easier to create your ideal trip to the Cape once the crowds leave after the summer.

Cape Cod Christmas Fall Restaurants

Welcome to the Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals Blog
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Friday, November 3, 2017

Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals BrewsterThank you for stopping by Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals' brand new blog. In this space, you can expect to find coverage of any and all topics related to Cape Cod. These posts will provide insight into the area and to let you know how The Cape offers more than meets the eye.

We hope to enlighten and entertain you while providing valuable content about the various communities that make up Cape Cod. We’ll also let you know why you shouldn't miss these places when you’re in the area.

We’re not going to bore you with topics that have been re-hashed over and over again, but will rather provide you with information that you can use in your everyday life. 

And, of course, we encourage you to check out some of the over 750 vacation homes that we have for rent on Cape Cod. Keep in mind that Cape Cod is about 70 miles long, so there are plenty of locations from which to choose, each coming with its own unique touches and attractions.

About Cape Cod

If you’ve never been to Cape Cod, it’s good to start by learning a little bit about the region. So in about 100 words:

The Cape has a colorful history dating back to 1620 when the Pilgrims entered Cape Harbor (now Provincetown Harbor) for the first time. In 1639, the first towns on Cape Cod were incorporated, and from there the region has developed into one of the country’s more popular tourist destinations. 

Today, Cape Cod is an area featuring the widest sea-level canal in the world, an abundance of cranberry bogs, a myriad of scrub oak and pine forests, and the best seafood in the United States.

It is a region with beautiful, sandy beaches, whale-watching opportunities, and a culture that is as unique as the dunes on the Cape Cod National Seashore.

So there is Cape Cod in a nutshell. But what else goes on here? There must be something in particular that brings visitors back year after year.

The short answer is that it’s not one sole aspect of Cape Cod that brings people back, it’s the package as a whole.

There’s too much to touch upon in a single blog post, which is why we’re going to cover a variety of topics over the coming weeks and months to give visitors a better idea of what this wondrous peninsula has in store for them. 

The Sections

We’ll definitely explore the four sections that make up Cape Cod because each section has its own unique features. The sections have different geography, different people, different events and, despite their similarities, are all-around different places.

From the history of Bourne, Sandwich and the rest of the Upper Cape to the beaches in Barnstable and Yarmouth of Mid Cape. From the incredible parks in Brewster and Harwich in the Lower Cape to the fishing in Truro and Provincetown in the Outer Cape, we’ll cover it all.

What to Expect

For the most part, the posts on this blog will be applicable to you if:

•    You're looking to vacation on Cape Cod for the first time
•    You want to get more out of your next holiday on Cape Cod
•    You hope to learn about Cape Cod before deciding to vacation here

Make sure that you check back regularly if you fall into any of those categories. 

Topics that we’re sure to touch upon here include:

•    Activities and features that are unique to Cape Cod
•    Hiking, cycling and adventure opportunities
•    The best places to find chowder, lobster rolls, and oysters
•    Where to go boating, sailing, fishing, and swimming
•    Why Cape Cod Christmas and New Years are special

So check back often and tell your friends because we’re going to dig deep into all things Cape Cod on the Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals blog.

Cape Cod Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals Vacation

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