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Getting To and Around Provincetown Without a Vehicle
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, April 30, 2018

So, you’re coming to Provincetown, but don’t want to bring your car? On the surface, this might seem like a tall task, particularly since the various communities on the Cape are spread out, and the closest major city is hours away.

Fortunately, you’ll have many different options if you wish to visit Provincetown and other towns on Cape Cod without a vehicle because not only are there plenty of ways to get here, but also an abundance of transportation options after you arrive.

Avoiding the traffic and parking issues during the summer months is reason enough to try out one of these methods for visiting Provincetown without a car.

How to Get to Provincetown

The first thing you’ll have to do is figure out how you’re going to reach Provincetown without a car. Provincetown obviously isn’t a major city with numerous transportation links but, luckily, you’ll have some choice on travel methods, depending on where you’re coming from and how much time you have.

Fly into Town

Provincetown Municipal Airport is less than three miles north of the town centre and offers daily, year-round flights from Logan International Airport Boston on Cape Air. The trip only takes about 20 minutes, and since Cape Air has ticketing and baggage arrangements with most of the country's major carriers, you can catch a connecting flight from anywhere in the country.

Seasonal flights from New York City are also available through Cape Air. Once you arrive at the airport, there are plenty of taxis and shuttles to take you into town or other parts of the Cape.

Arrive By Boat

If you’re looking to capture the essence of Cape Cod, arriving by boat, just like the Pilgrims, is the way to do it. The good news is you’ll have plenty of options when coming on the water, depending on where you depart from and how long you wish to be at sea.

One fast method is through Boston Harbor Cruises, a company that operates the United States' largest luxury catamaran. The cruise leaves from One Long Wharf in Boston and reaches MacMillan Pier in Provincetown in about 90 minutes.

Bay State Cruise Company also operates a ferry between Boston and Provincetown, with this one leaving from Boston World Trade Center. This company has the Provincetown Express boat, which runs between May and October and takes about 90 minutes, in addition to a more scenic ride between June and September that takes three hours.

Even if you're not leaving from Boston, you can take the ferry to Provincetown through Plymouth. The Captain John Fast Ferry takes an hour and 15 minutes to reach Provincetown and even has a bar on board, so it's a perfect choice if you don’t have to get behind the wheel.

Travel on the Bus

The main commuter bus on Cape Cod is courtesy of the Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company, which features bus service from Boston to Hyannis and Provincetown. The bus stops at various towns along the way, so if you're not coming from Boston, you'll still have options.

Connections from Providence, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and New York are possible through Peter Pan Bus Lines, as well. Taking the bus is a straightforward way to reach central Provincetown because you'll get off the bus right at MacMillan Pier.

Take the Train

While you can’t take the train directly to Provincetown, the Cape Flyer train runs from Boston to Hyannis. Amtrak runs the Acela Express to both Providence and Boston, making it easy to take one of the other methods into Provincetown after you arrive. This method is ideal if you love the comfort of traveling on the train or try to avoid flying as much as possible.

Getting Around Provincetown

Now that you've made it to Provincetown, you'll have to make your way around town. You might also want to visit other towns on the Cape but, luckily, this is very easy to do, and you'll have plenty of options.

On the Bus

To start, check out the local bus service. The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority operates buses throughout the Cape and Provincetown is served by the Flex route. This route runs between Provincetown and Harwich, with stops in places like Wellfleet, Eastham, Orleans, and Brewster. The Flex route is unique because you can get on the bus at any designated stop, or you can flag the bus down anywhere along the route, as long as the bus isn't on Route 6.

You can also transfer to other buses to reach other parts of Cape Cod, making the bus a very efficient method of exploring everything the area has to offer. Keep in mind that the bus service ends early in the evening, so you might have to find an alternative ride back to your holiday rental if you want to go for dinner or drinks.

Hop on a Trolley

Between May and October, the Mayflower Trolley provides daily sightseeing tours. The tour departs four times per day and will take you to many of Provincetown's top attractions, including the beaches and Race Point Lighthouse. The tour includes a guide, so you can learn about the town and its sights as you travel through the region.

Hail a Cab

Of course, if you just want to get from Point A to Point B in a hurry, you should probably just hire a cab. A taxi is the fastest way to travel on the Cape because you can have someone drive you wherever you want to go and you don't have to worry about finding a parking spot.

Mercedes Cab Company has a fleet of vintage cars that make for a unique experience, while Jody's Taxi, Cape Cab, Queen Cab, Pride Taxi, and Black & White Taxi provide a more traditional ride. Most companies offer a flat rate from the airport or MacMillan Pier to other destinations in Provincetown, providing cost certainty.

Ptown Pedicabs is also an option if you need to get from one point on Commercial Street to another. All you do is flag down one of the drivers and at the end of the ride, you pay whatever you feel is fair. You won't find this type of business practice in New York or Boston, but it's just the way things are done on the Cape.

Provincetown is Walkable

Of course, if you arrive in Provincetown without a vehicle and don’t plan to venture far from your vacation rental, you could always walk to most destinations. Once downtown, you can reach most of the in-town attractions in a matter of minutes on foot, although you’ll probably want to find transportation when heading to Race Point Lighthouse or one of the surrounding beaches.

You might also consider renting a bike, especially if you plan to explore the biking trails throughout Cape Cod. Bike rentals are affordable and give you more flexibility than other forms of travel.

The good news is that we’ve laid it all out for you, so all you have to do now is make your plans for your trip to Provincetown by booking your vacation home today.

Getting To Ptown Provincetown Traveling To Provincetown

Where the Locals Eat in Chatham
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, April 23, 2018

Whenever you spend time on Cape Cod, taking advantage of the plethora of high-end dining options is a must, as the Cape’s “foodie” scene has come a long way in recent years.

Traditionally, Cape Cod has been known for its waterfront clam shacks and seafood joints, and while these classics are still alive and well, there is a more sophisticated side to dining in Chatham, and beyond, that unquestionably must be experienced.

If you want to avoid the typical tourist-centric restaurants on Cape Cod and experience life as a local, check out these restaurants in Chatham at some point during your vacation. You won’t regret your decision to eat like a Cape Cod resident at a local hot spot.

Breakfast and Lunch

Set right along Chatham’s Main Street, Captain’s Table tends to blend in with its surroundings. This is because pretty much everything along Main Street looks like a cottage and this outstanding restaurant is no different.

In fact, Captain’s Table shares a cottage-style venue with a couple of other businesses and isn’t very large at all, but the quality of the food more than makes up for its small size. It also has a sizable patio that many locals believe provides the best outdoor dining experience on the Cape.

The restaurant is family-run and has been around for over 50 years, so it’s easy to see why it has become a staple for those who live here.

Breakfast is incredibly popular at Captain’s Table, as the menu consists of multiple egg and omelet dishes, combined with bacon, sausage, and other breakfast favorites. You can also order pancakes and French toast, or choose a breakfast burrito.

On Sundays, make sure you get there early to enjoy the restaurant’s brunch menu, which includes various Bloody Mary creations, each constructed with the house-made mix.

The fun at Captain’s Table doesn’t stop after breakfast and brunch, as the restaurant is also a go-to lunch spot for many locals. Seafood, soups, sandwiches, paninis, salads, and burgers are available at lunchtime, and there is a kid's menu should you want to bring the little ones. Cape Cod Beer is on tap, as well, because, hey, you’re on vacation.

Dinner in Chatham

Once you’ve had your breakfast and lunch, it’s time to start thinking about what to do for dinner. Again, you’ll have plenty of options, but if you want to know what a local would do, the answer probably involves a trip to Chatham Raw Bar or Pate’s Restaurant.

While Raw Bar technically sits along Main Street, it’s set back away from the road, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might miss it. Perhaps this is why the restaurant is a local favorite, although it could also be the collection of hand-selected, locally-produced oysters and shellfish on its menu. You'll also find tuna, lobster, scallops, prawns, mussels, and chowder at the establishment, so be sure to check it out if you're looking for a seafood dinner.

Pate's Restaurant has been around since 1957 and is somewhat of a landmark in the area. This is the place to go if you're in search of a meal that is cooked to perfection using only the finest ingredients available. The prime rib at Pate's is famous, and they make a pretty good steak, too. The baked potatoes, lobster, and grilled seafood are also recommended, and you can expect to find an impressive wine list.

Try Some Pizza

While New York and Chicago get all of the attention for their pizza, it might surprise to you learn that there are some who think the pizza on Cape Cod is actually better. The scene might not be as large or competitive as in those major centers, but the quality is unmistakably top notch.

A few doors down from Pate's is one of the best in Chatham: New England Pizza. This is more than a pizza restaurant, as soups, salads, subs, pasta, and burgers are on the menu, but its Greek-style pizza is the reason why locals return time after time. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and has take-out and kid's menus, as well.

Almost directly across Main Street from Captain’s Table is Carmine’s, a pizza restaurant and cafe that always draws a local crowd. This pizzeria offers pizza by the slice and a selection of specialty pies that aren't to be missed. If you're tired of the same old varieties found at every pizza chain in the country, give Carmine's a try for some uniquely different combinations. Calzones, subs, smoothies, and salads are always on the menu, too.

Donuts, Pastries, and Desserts

Fancy a snack, dessert, light breakfast, or lunch? Chatham Village Cafe & Bakery has you covered with its freshly-baked breads, bagels, pastries, pies, and cakes. They bake every day at this small bakery, so you can be confident that you’re receiving some of the freshest baked goods on Cape Cod.

The breakfast and lunch menus feature a selection of sandwiches, and you can pick-up a pie or some pastries to enjoy at your Cape Cod vacation rental after dinner. Grab a loaf of fresh bread and some donuts while you're at it to set yourself up for days to come.

Something For Everyone

When spending time in Chatham, it’s nice to know how easy it is to find a good meal. As you walk down the town’s Main Street, dining opportunities will pop out at you, but by going where the locals return time after time, you can assure yourself of receiving a good meal at a fair price in a venue that shows you the real Cape Cod.

There is so much selection when walking through Chatham that you’re sure to find something appealing, no matter what you are in the mood to try.

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The Advantages of a Cape Cod Vacation Rental Over a Hotel Room
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, April 2, 2018

With over 750 privately-owned vacation rental homes on Cape Cod, we're probably a little biased, but we positively believe there's no better way to experience this region than with a holiday rental.

 Sure, hotel rooms can be pleasant. After all, you’ll have someone to clean up after you, and many have outstanding amenities, including on-site restaurants, fitness centers, swimming pools, concierge services, and tour desks. We feel like our Cape Cod vacation homes can take your holiday to the next level, however, by providing you with an entirely different set of comforts. If you’re looking to take a trip to the Cape in the coming months, check out our selection of Cape Cod rentals, as we’re positive you’ll find the exact unit to meet your needs.

Enough Space For the Family

Perhaps the main reason to go with a vacation home is the extra space you’ll have. When traveling with a family, hotel rooms tend to get cramped. Depending on the size of your family, you might need multiple hotel rooms just to fit everybody in, and that’s going to cost you. Our vacation rentals come in a variety of sizes, anywhere from studio to six bedrooms, so no matter how many people you are bringing on your Cape Cod vacation, we have the solution for you.

Having a separate bedroom for every family member is also very nice because sharing a room cuts down on sleep and makes everyone irritable.  Also, living room access means you can stay up watching television at night without interfering with the rest of the family’s sleep. There is frankly no drawback in the size department when choosing a vacation rental on the Cape because you’re renting an entire house, rather than just a room. 

You Can Cook Your Own Meals

Just to preface, you’ll unquestionably want to check out some of Cape Cod’s outstanding restaurants. It really wouldn’t be a vacation on the Cape unless you hit a few of the best seafood eateries the area has to offer and sample their award-winning cuisine. Having said that, you might not want to eat at restaurants for every meal, especially if you’re on Cape Cod for weeks at a time. Having the ability to cook your own meals provides you with a flexibility that you simply won’t find in a hotel room.

Heading to the Chatham Pier Fish Market, George's Place Fish Market in Hyannis, Falmouth Fish Market, or Cape Tip Seafood Market in Truro will give you access to the area’s freshest seafood, which you can then cook in your vacation rental without the expense of eating at a restaurant. It’s the best of both worlds, especially if you have a large group to cater to and want to cut down on expenses as much as possible.


Creating the At-Home Experience


There’s something to be said about having a home-away-from-home experience on Cape Cod. The vast majority of people are more comfortable at home than they would be in any hotel room. This is because a home has easy to access parking, separate living areas, an outdoor space, and other amenities that no hotel in the country can provide. It also has laundry facilities and multiple bathrooms, and you set the schedule for everything that happens around the house.

Renting a Cape Cod vacation home is no different, as you don’t have to worry about what time the hotel serves breakfast or when the housekeepers are going to arrive to clean your room. Everything is done on your time and at your pace, allowing you to plan your holiday the exact way you want it.

All the Privacy You Need

One of the most awkward things about staying at a hotel is regularly having to deal with the staff and other guests. While there is nothing wrong with these people, and surely they haven’t done anything wrong, it gets a little old after a while, especially if you’re staying in the hotel for weeks at a time. On top of the daily interactions with strangers, you’ll hear tons of hallway noise, guests in others rooms, elevators, and people outside the building at all hours of the night. Communal spaces naturally breed noise, and the lack of privacy is one of the most challenging things about staying in a hotel.

Privacy is incredibly valuable for extended stays, and vacation rental homes on Cape Cod offer just that. In addition, you won’t have to worry about staff wandering into your room to clean things up at an inopportune time or wonder if your towels will be replaced before your next shower because it’s all up to you.

We Have Pet-Friendly Options

Want to bring your dog to Cape Cod? Taking your pet might be an option when you choose a Cape Cod vacation home rental. Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals has access to a variety of pet-friendly properties, allowing you to travel with the entire family. While you might come across a pet-friendly hotel room, do you really want your pet locked up in a cramped cubicle all day while you’re out exploring? With a vacation rental, your pet will have enough space in which to relax and you won’t have to worry about it barking whenever people walk up and down the halls.

Keep in mind that while we do have a selection of pet-friendly units, they tend to book up early in the year. As a result, reserve your pet-friendly vacation rental on Cape Cod months in advance if you plan to bring your four-legged friend.

Live Like a Local This Summer

Let's face it, one of the reasons why you're planning a visit to Cape Cod is to immerse yourself in the local culture and get to know this historic, scenic, and luxurious part of the country. If you stay in a hotel room, you'll probably see lots of tourist sites and spend most of your days near the Cape's busiest locations because that’s where the hotels are positioned. With a vacation rental home, however, you can choose to stay in an off-the-beaten-path location, like near one of the over 1,000 ponds on Cape Cod, and get to know this area like a local. There is honestly more to see and do than you'll ever read about in a tourist guide and there's no better way to learn about these areas than to stay near them.

Have a Look at Our Vacation Home Rentals

Take a look through our available Cape Cod vacation home rentals to find the one that best suits the needs of you and your family. With so much selection available, we’re confident that you’ll avoid the hotel scene altogether and make the most of your time on Cape Cod. It doesn't matter if you want to stay on the beach, on a quiet road in Harwich, or a large property in Wellfleet, there are some Cape Cod vacation rentals that will be perfect for you.

Remember to book early because, much like the rest of the Cape, we get hectic in the summer. You’ll be delighted that you booked ahead when you’re enjoying your very own Cape Cod holiday home.

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