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Where Locals Go: Restaurants in Falmouth
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Just because you're on vacation in Falmouth doesn't mean you have to spend all your time doing touristy things. Part of the charm of Cape Cod is that the area has permanent residents who do everything in their power to avoid the summer rush in popular tourist areas and have their own hotspots to visit to pass the time.

When you're in Falmouth and want to engage yourself with the locals, the following locations are probably your best bets. You won't encounter the following pubs and restaurants bustling with Bostonians or New Yorkers, as they are frequented by those who live here.

So, after spending your afternoon basking in the sun at Old Silver or Falmouth Heights beaches or riding the Shining Sea Bikeway, make your way from your vacation rental to some of these local haunts that offer some of the best food the Upper Cape has to offer.


Jacks Restaurant & Bar

You'd be excused for not coming across Jacks Restaurant & Bar on your own, as it sits on Gifford Street in a heavily wooded area without much around, although it is just north of The Coonamessett, a popular wedding venue. Jacks is owned by local resident John Sorgi, who has been in the restaurant business for more than 45 years, with much of that time spent working in Falmouth.

A night at Jacks is meant to be an experience, rather than a meal, as they often have live music well into the evening. The menu is mainly a mix of pub favorites like burgers, sandwiches, and pizza, although local seafood dishes and pasta are also available. And of course, there's an outstanding selection of beer and wine.


Water Street Kitchen

Just north of Woods Hole Terminal is Water Street Kitchen, a dinner restaurant offering fresh food made from scratch. As you might expect from its name, the restaurant is located on Water Street itself and, as luck would have it, there is also a waterfront dining room.

The menu changes seasonally at Water Street Kitchen, which makes sense because the chef uses as many local ingredients as possible. All seafood sold at the restaurant is sustainably fished or farmed, so the eatery has a social and environmental conscience, as well. A reservation is often necessary during the high season, although you could always simply show up to the pub side of the building and hope for the best.


Captain Kidd Restaurant & Bar

Just up the street from the Water Street Kitchen is Captain Kidd, a bar, and restaurant offering all of your favorite seafood dishes. The eatery has a raw bar, house-made soups, sandwiches, burgers, and classic Cape Cod seafood offerings, so you're sure to find something you like.

Captain Kidd is open for lunch and dinner, and its waterfront location provides a unique ambiance, especially if you're there after the sun goes down at night.


Chappy Grill

The Chapoquoit Grill, affectionately known locally as Chappy, has been a staple in West Falmouth since 1993. In fact, many of the staff have been working there since the restaurant opened and numerous customers have been eating there since that time, as well. Chappy isn't far from Chapoquoit Beach and, therefore, is a great place to stop for dinner on your way back to your vacation rental after a day in the sun.

The great thing about Chappy is the simplicity in its menu. You won't find pretentious offerings that you've never heard of before, as pizza and pasta are the main choices. Everything on the food list is wonderfully done, so you can expect a great meal every time you stop by the Chapoquoit Grill.


The Quarterdeck

If you're in the mood for some seafood, The Quarterdeck is the place to go. The restaurant, which was first called The Little New Yorker, has been around forever and has a great history. In 1967, the building changed hands to new owners, who gave it its current name. Much of the interior was taken from MacDougall’s Boatyard, which sat in Falmouth Harbor, and there are pieces of wood inside the restaurant that date back to the 1600s.

With so much history, it would be understandable if the restaurant relied on its aura to get people through the door, but this isn't the case. The Quarterdeck specializes in locally-caught seafood dishes for lunch and dinner, although you'll also find burgers, steaks, and sandwiches on the menu, all prepared beautifully. Live music is often found on weekends, too, so you can make a night out of it.


Doggz & Hoggz

Main Street in Falmouth is full of dining options, but unless you're specifically looking for it, you might drive right past Doggz & Hoggz. That, however, would be a mistake, as the restaurant does pretty much anything you could ever do with a hot dog and also has a selection of barbecue favorites.

One of the best things about Doggz and Hoggz is that they make their barbecue sauce and chili in-house, so you know you're getting something that you won't find anywhere else. There is a special kid's meal available, and the restaurant is open for lunch, making it a reliable place to stop between summer events. You can also call ahead for take-out or delivery.


La Cucina Sul Mare

Another Main Street stop is La Cucina Sul Mare, an Italian restaurant serving lunch and dinner. This is a family-run establishment that has been in business since 2002 when its owners, Mark and Cynthia Cilfone, finally realized their dream of having their own restaurant.

Today, La Cucina Sul Mare has a wide variety of pasta dishes and other Italian favorites on its extensive menu, and when you walk through the doors, it just feels like home. There’s live music every Sunday, should you want to make a night of it.


Liam Maguire's

Those who fancy a night out on Main Street in Falmouth should look no further than Liam Maguire's, an Irish pub and restaurant offering both contemporary cuisine and a selection of traditional Irish classics. Of course, you'll also find an extensive draft beer list and an outstanding wine menu, so it's a great place to have a drink while listening to some Irish music.

According to the Boston Globe, this is one of the top ten Irish pubs in New England, and there is an event pretty much every night of the week, keeping you occupied throughout your stay.


Plenty of Choice in Falmouth

As you can see, whether you’re looking for a quick meal at a local restaurant or a full night out with entertainment and drinks, there is something for everyone in Falmouth. While many of these locations are off the beaten path, others are in plain sight, but for one reason or another, don’t attract the tourist crowds.

The lack of tourists is a good thing for you, however, because you can experience Cape Cod like a local this summer without dealing with insane lines or endless waits for a meal. No matter where you’re staying on the Cape, Falmouth and its extensive list of local favorites are easily accessible if you want to try something different.

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The Silver Screen on Cape Cod: A Guide to Local Film Festivals (Including the Islands)
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, May 21, 2018

Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, Toronto, and... Cape Cod? You probably wouldn't think of Cape Cod as having a thriving film scene, but you'd be wrong, as the Cape is home to numerous high-end film festivals every year. When you include the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, there is an abundance of festivals in the area between the spring and fall, attracting filmmakers and film lovers from all over the world.

Consider booking your Cape Cod vacation rental during one of these festivals, and you can get involved and attend numerous events. Many festivals have all-access or multi-event passes available, so you can check out a few different features, head to some workshops, or even rub elbows with the directors, producers, and actors who head to the Cape while their films are playing.

As if you needed another reason to visit Cape Cod, the following film festivals give you something to do at night after a day spent hiking, biking, or lounging at the beach.

Cape Cod International Film Festival

The Chatham Orpheum Theater hosts the annual Cape Cod International Film Festival, which will take place from October 25-28 in 2018. While the dates of this festival might preclude you from the aforementioned beach time, stick around for a few more days, and you’ll be in the area for Halloween, which is also jam-packed with exceptional events.

As for the festival, it is still in its expansion phase, as it only started in 2015. At the same time, it attracts some great independent films to compete for the Glass Oyster, which is awarded for the best feature film. Past events have included multiple world premieres and attracted filmmakers from France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Denmark, and Australia, along with local and national artists.

Provincetown International Film Festival

The Provincetown International Film Festival is entering its 21st year and is one of the more comprehensive events on Cape Cod every summer. The 2018 exhibition will take place between June 13 and 17, and tickets packages are available, allowing you to see multiple films or attend a few other events at a discounted prices.

The event draws filmmakers from all over the United States, as well as international artists, and has over 150 attractions during its five days.

While screening venues have not been announced for 2018 as of this writing, past locations include Waters Edge Cinema at Whalers Wharf, Town Hall, and the Art House, all of which are a short walk from each other on Commercial Street. Other screenings have taken place just down Route 6 at the Wellfleet Preservation Hall.

Since most venues are a short walk from each other and right in the heart of Provincetown, you should be able to plan ahead and get a vacation rental in the area if you’re planning to make a week of this festival.

Woods Hole Film Festival

The Woods Hole Film Festival is entering its 27th year and was named as one of the Top 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in 2017 by MovieMaker Magazine. This recognition means you're sure to get your money's worth at the event, whether you buy a single event ticket or go for a festival pass.

The 2018 dates are from July 28 to August 4, with venues including the Old Woods Hole Fire Station, Woods Hole Community Hall, Redfield Auditorium, Lillie Auditorium, and Falmouth Academy. The event also screens a series of independent films between October and May at the Redfield Auditorium, and attendees will have the chance to enjoy a discounted dinner at a local restaurant with their tickets.

The goal of the Woods Hole Film Festival is to highlight filmmakers from New England, with a particular focus on those from Cape Cod or films about the Cape. As a result, you can expect to find a lot of local content when attending a screening or workshop here.

Parking can be limited at these venues, but the Steamship Shuttle Bus runs from a parking lot in Falmouth right to Woods Hole. Many attendees choose to bike along the Shining Sea Bike Path or take the Whoosh Trolley to the venues, as well.

Orleans Surf Film Festival

The Orleans Surf Film Festival is an annual event that will change your perception of what a film festival is supposed to be. To attend this event, you don't have to get dressed up and head to a theater because it takes place at smaller, more casual venues each and every year.

In 2017, the festival was held at Hog Island Brewery in late October, allowing attendees to head to the brewery, enjoy a drink and a movie, and experience some surf culture right on Cape Cod. Every film shown relates to surfing, and there’s even a local pop-up surf museum at the venue, so you can learn a little bit about surfing on the Cape before or after the feature.

Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival

Just because there isn’t a film festival on Cape Cod during a particular weekend doesn’t mean you can’t attend one during your vacation. The Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival is a prestigious event that will be held September 4-9, 2018 and is easily accessible from the Cape.

The on-going theme of this independent film festival is "Other Places", which encourages attendees to think about the world as a whole, rather than focusing on their local bubble. As a result, close to 90% of the films shown are made outside of the United States, in an attempt to promote cultural understanding through cinema. Some of the top films from other festivals like Berlin, Cannes, and Sundance make an appearance on Martha's Vineyard every year, as well.

You can get to Martha's Vineyard by hopping on a ferry from Hyannis, which takes about an hour, or Woods Hole, which takes roughly 45 minutes. Keep in mind the final boat leaves Martha's Vineyard for Woods Hole at 9:30 PM and if you miss it, you'll be stranded until 6 AM the following morning. The final ferry to Hyannis departs at 6:45 PM during the festival, as well.

Nantucket Film Festival

Another off-Cape event is the Nantucket Film Festival, which takes place between June 20 and June 25 in 2018. The focus of this festival is screenwriting, as there are workshops promoting and teaching the art of writing a script, in addition to awards for high-end screenplays. Cultural diversity is also a prevalent theme at the festival, so you can expect plenty of international films.

Getting to Nantucket is half the fun of attending the film festival, as there is a high-speed ferry service leaving from Hyannis. The ferry takes about an hour from port to port and is a great way to see the Cape from the ocean before taking in some high-end cinema on one of the islands.

Film on Cape Cod

As you can see, there is always a film festival approaching on Cape Cod, so if you’re a fan of the cinematic arts, make sure you’re here during one of these events. As was mentioned before, you can buy full event passes for many of these festivals, ensuring you don’t miss out on a film that you really want to see.

Once you attend a film festival on Cape Cod, you’ll see that although these festivals might not be as prestigious as Cannes or as highly attended as Toronto, they provide outstanding value while vacationing a little closer to home. So, get your vacation rentals in order and purchase your tickets to one of these exceptional events before they sell out.

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Live on the Outer Cape: Music, Drama, and Comedy
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, May 14, 2018

When staying on Cape Cod for any length of time, consider taking in some of the local performing arts scenes, as there is something to check out on pretty much any night of the week during the summer. Depending on your mood, you might want to see a live performance of a Shakespearean drama, laugh with a stand-up comedian at an intimate local venue, or dine with live music in the background before getting up and cutting a rug after your meal.

All of these opportunities and more are available on the Outer Cape on any given day, providing you with loads of different ways to spend your evenings. Have a look at the events calendar at the following venues or check out some of the highlighted festivals to ensure you don’t miss a top-notch performance during your Cape Cod vacation.

Performances and Events in Provincetown

Since Provincetown is one of the Cape's cultural hubs, it makes sense that the town has plenty of live venues from which to choose. The Provincetown Theater is known as the Birthplace of Modern American Theater, as it dates back to 1915 when a group of New Yorkers vacationing in the area started performing and eventually built a makeshift theater. Their performances drew attention from all over the East Coast, helping to grow the industry as a whole. Today, the Provincetown Theater hosts Broadway comedies, dramas, and musicals, in addition to performing arts festivals throughout the year. If you're on the Outer Cape in the summer, there's a good chance this venue will have something going on.

Not to be outdone, the Peregrine Theatre Ensemble also brings Broadway plays and musicals to Provincetown, producing them at Fishermen Hall. In 2018, the group will perform “Hair, the Musical” between July and September.

Of course, there’s also the Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, an annual event taking place each September. In 2017, the festival combined plays by Williams and William Shakespeare, while the theme in 2018 will be "Wishful Thinking". The performances take place at a variety of venues throughout town, even non-traditional venues, as 2017 saw "Hamlet" performed in a tank of water on the beach and "Pericles" performed on a boat.

Smaller music venues are found up and down Provincetown’s Commercial Street. Bubala’s By The Bay, for example, is where the town's West End begins and hosts live music every night during the summer. There is no cover or minimum charge, so you can get out and enjoy everything from jazz to country music without worrying about the cost. Governor Bradford Restaurant & Club is an all ages venue that features a different act every Saturday night. The music gets started at 8 PM and runs until about 11. Tin Pan Alley is a piano bar with live performances every night of the week.

The Provincetown Jazz Festival has been around since 2005 and brings musicians from all over the world to the area at a variety of different venues. If you're in the area in mid-August, it is well worth checking out at least a few performances.

The Crown & Anchor is well known throughout the Cape because of its cabaret shows, but this significant venue is also the home of comedy in Provincetown. Some performances will be local comedians, such as Julie Wheeler and James Judd, who have weekly performances from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Other times, the venue brings in better-known acts, like Bruce Vilanch and Leslie Jordan in 2018, for a couple of sets.

Events in Truro This Summer

Just a short drive down Route 6 from Provincetown is Truro, where there are even more live performances to attend. In North Truro, the Payomet Performing Arts Center hosts music, comedy, and theater starting in the spring, with some pretty big acts coming to town in the summer.

You’ll also find music at Truro Vineyards every Sunday throughout the summer. Admission to the show is free, and there's a food truck on-site, so you can have a meal, enjoy some local wine, and listen to a live performance. The vineyard also hosts Grape Stomp & Music Fest and the Vinegrass Music Festival in late September. Both of these festivals bring wine, cocktails, food, and music together and are a great way to end your summer on Cape Cod.

Music and Theater in Wellfleet

Continuing down Route 6 from Truro brings you to Wellfleet and, more specifically, the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater. This venue presents a series of thought-provoking dramas all summer long, with each presentation running for a few weeks at a time. There's a summer concert series at the venue, too, so you can get your fill of live music on Monday nights.

The Harbor Stage Company is in the heart of Wellfleet's downtown area. The venue is small and intimate, offering the chance to get up close and personal with classic dramas and comedies that you've probably heard of before, but maybe haven't seen performed live. In 2018, "The Weir", "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", and "The Deer and the Antelope" are on the docket between the middle of June and early September.

For live music, The Beachcomber is the place to be in Wellfleet. Throughout July and August, this restaurant on Cahoon Hollow Beach brings in musical acts every day of the week. You'll have to buy tickets in advance for most shows and keep in mind that the music usually starts at 9 PM, so you'll have time to either have dinner in the restaurant or eat elsewhere before things get going.

Orleans Live Performances

Finally, as you come down Route 6 and exit onto 6A, you'll reach the center of Orleans, where even more live performances can be found. The Academy Playhouse is right on Main Street and has a mixture renowned shows throughout the year. There are children's performances in the afternoons, including the Little Mermaid in 2018, and both theater, including Shakespeare, and music at night.

The Elements Theatre Company is on the grounds of the Church of the Transfiguration on Rock Harbor, giving it one of the more scenic locations for performances on the Cape. This venue mostly hosts dramatic productions, although there are retreats and workshops during the summer for those interested in acting themselves.

The Barley Neck Inn dates back to 1848 when Isaac and Mary Doane purchased the land where the property now sits. Part of the original building now makes up this venue, which hosts live music every Friday and Saturday night. It's not glamorous, but catching a performance at The Barley Neck is a quintessential thing to do while on Cape Cod.

Finding Your Performances

As you can see, no matter what type of entertainment you’re into, you’re sure to find it on the Outer Cape during the summer. Once you book your vacation rental on Cape Cod, start looking at the local venues holding events because you’re sure to find a new and exciting way to spend your nights, no matter what you are looking to experience.

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A Foodie's Guide to Truro
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, May 7, 2018

It is common knowledge around here that Provincetown is the place to go if you’re looking for a great meal on the Outer Cape. There’s a valid reason for this distinction, as Commercial Street is loaded with exceptional restaurants and a simple wander through the area means stumbling on some of the best food anywhere on the East Coast.

Having said that, Truro is no slouch in regards to its cuisine, with plenty of high-end restaurants for you to enjoy throughout your vacation. Truro is perhaps overlooked by foodies because it lacks the central downtown area that Provincetown, Orleans, and Chatham have and, therefore, isn’t as easily walkable.

At the same time, this lack of a central gathering space adds an air of exclusivity to dining in Truro, as you must know where you are going and how to get there to reach these high-end eateries. If you’re into finding an off-the-beaten-path restaurant experience, Truro and its fantastic dining options are well worth checking out while on the Outer Cape.


Get Your Day Started Right

To get things started, you’ll want to track down the top breakfast spots in Truro. The Top Mast Café is celebrated because it enjoys an oceanfront location, creating a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. If the weather is pleasant, you can sit outside and enjoy your meal, complete with the sounds of the sea. While the interior decor is basic, it creates a laid-back vibe that you’ll only find on Cape Cod.

As for the menu, the Top Mast Café has all of the traditional breakfast favorites, like bacon, eggs, sausages, bagels, and pancakes, in their various forms. If you're lucky, they might have the lobster omelet or lobster Benedict on the menu during your stay, two options that immediately validate your decision to visit this eatery. The cafe also serves one of the best Bloody Marys on the Cape.

We've mentioned the Savory & the Sweet Escape in this space before and with good reason, as this local favorite has a little bit of everything. All of the breakfast necessities are available here, including muffins, pastries, bagels, and scones that are baked on-site daily. Locally roasted coffee and espresso are also on the menu, and if you come later in the day, the pizza and ice cream are worth trying.

Something Local in the Afternoon

Once you’ve had a hearty breakfast, you’ll find plenty of ways to spend the rest of your morning on Cape Cod. Maybe you’ll take a couple of hours to go on a hike or bike ride, or possibly visit a museum or lighthouse. Once your appetite returns, there some places specializing in lunch in Truro that you’ll want to check out.

Although Box Lunch is technically a chain, which might disqualify it in the eyes of some foodies, there are only three locations, and they’re all on the Outer Cape, making it slightly more tolerable. The concept of the restaurant is providing good food quickly, as it's technically a fast food joint, but nothing is fried, the ingredients are fresh, and the menu is surprisingly affordable. Sandwiches are about the only thing you'll find on the menu here, but they're tasty, and there are countless varieties available. You can even build your own sandwich, if there is something specific that you'd like to try.

For something a little different, the High Tide Kitchen is the choice. This is a food truck that sits outside the Chequessett Chocolate building in North Truro and features an Asian-inspired menu with rice bowls, noodles, salads, and banh mi sandwiches. There’s a unique atmosphere surrounding the truck, with music playing and tables on which to enjoy your meal. It’s like the food trucks that are popular in major cities, but you don’t have to leave the Cape to find it.


A Winner For Dinner

Afternoons on the Outer Cape are often spent lounging somewhere on the Cape Cod National Seashore, swimming in a nearby kettle pond, or finding a quiet place to enjoy the scenery. You’ll also want to decide on a place for a great meal. Luckily, once dinner comes around, you’ll have numerous choices in Truro, depending on the type of food you want to enjoy tonight.

Montano's Restaurant first opened its doors in 1988 and has been a local favorite ever since. This is an Italian restaurant with house-made pasta, freshly-baked bread, and homemade sauces, providing a taste of the Mediterranean without leaving the Cape. Even the seafood is local, as the owners pride themselves on serving freshly caught fish supplied by local fishermen.

Everything at Blackfish is local, and the menu is always changing, giving you a reason to check it out a few times while in the area. Much like the rest of Cape Cod, local seafood is always part of the menu, but you’ll also find burgers and steaks if you’ve had your fill of the ocean for the day. All of the beef available at the restaurant is raised humanely, as well.

Whitman House Restaurant is a unique property set on four acres and featuring four dining rooms and a tavern. The building was formerly an inn, which was built in 1894, and has since evolved into its current form. The restaurant side of the property has everything you'd expect from a Cape Cod restaurant, including clam chowder, oysters, scallops, lobster, swordfish, and tuna. There’s also surf and turf, prime rib, chicken, and steak. The restaurant has a weekly boiled lobster special that you’ll have to check out sometime during the summer, while the tavern serves appetizers and has a kids’ menu.

The Perfect Way to End Your Evening

Once you’ve finished your dinner, you might be in the mood for something sweet. While your restaurant of choice probably has a rather diverse dessert menu, sometimes it’s good to get out there and explore Cape Cod later on in the evening, especially when the weather is cooperative.

Chequessett Chocolate, a local staple for dessert, was heavily damaged during the winter of 2017/2018 when a pipe burst during a period of extreme cold, and it is unknown when the storefront will be open for buiness again.

As a result, you might have to head north to Provincetown if you have your heart set on the perfect dessert. There are a number of renowned spots right on Commercial Street, including the Provincetown Portuguese Bakery, Purple Feather Cafe & Treatery, and PtownScoop, and it’s only five miles away.

As was mentioned before, Savory & the Sweet Escape also has great desserts, so make your choice based on where your Truro vacation rental is located and how far you want to travel.


Find Your Inner Foodie in Truro

As you can see, there’s plenty for the foodie within the town limits of Truro, despite the lack of hype. Whether you’re in the mood for homemade Italian cuisine or seafood that has just been pulled from the ocean, this area with a population of 2,000 people has you covered.

If you're just visiting Truro, however, make sure you research where you are going to make it easier to find your local foodie paradise this summer.

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