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I Will Need More of That When I Get Back to the Cape!
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Thursday, January 31, 2019


Provincetown Fudge FactoryTravelers who head to the Cape tend to immerse themselves in local activities and culture because, truth be told, it’s unavoidable.

Whether you spend your time hitting the beaches, boating on the ocean or kettleponds, or sampling some local cuisine, it’s easy to spend your holiday living like a true Cape Cod resident, especially if you’re staying in a vacation rental.

While here, you’ll also get to try some products that are made right on the Cape and, for the most part, aren’t available in other parts of the country. These items will leave you dreaming of the day you get to return to Cape Cod to experience them again. 

Here is a list of some businesses found exclusively on the Outer Cape that guests say they cannot get enough of and will be sure to visit again on their next vacation.


1. South Hollow Spirits

It should come as no surprise that many people who vacation on Cape Cod end up trying the local libations from South Hollow Spirits. This distillery in North Truro makes white rum, spiced rum, and amber rum, all of which are popular, but travelers say the first thing they’ll buy upon returning to the Cape is the Dry Line Cape Cod Gin.

Every bottle of this gin is made using eastern red cedar juniper berries, which are grown on trees just steps from the distillery's 11 Shore Road location. It doesn't get more local than this, so if you're a gin lover who is vacationing on the Cape, you'll have to give it a try.

Even if you don’t have a chance to make it to South Hollow Spirits, you can purchase the gin at various stores up and down the Cape, and even into Boston and Western Massachusetts. It’s also served at pubs and restaurants on Cape Cod, so make sure you ask if they carry South Hollow Spirits when ordering your next drink.


2. Atlantic Spice Company

Also along Shore Road in North Truro is Atlantic Spice Company, a wholesaler offering some of the highest quality herbs, spices, teas, botanicals, essential oils, nuts, seeds, extracts, and dehydrated vegetables you'll find anywhere. Those who try the offerings from Atlantic Spice Company often can't get it out of their head, which is why this is one of the first places they return to on their next vacation.

The great thing about the herbs and other products from Atlantic Spice Company is that you can use them when cooking meals at your Cape Cod vacation rental and then take the rest home with you to use throughout the year. You'll be blown away by the selection at this retailer, as well, and this volume is why they have been successful since 1994.


3. Chequessett Chocolate

OK, so we're probably over-representing North Truro here, but the area has some great local enterprises that visitors return to year after year on their Cape Cod vacations. Another of the area’s gems is Chequessett Chocolate, which uses sustainably-grown cacao beans to create its handcrafted chocolates right in its Cape Cod workshop.

The shop here carries chocolate bars, cocoa powder, chocolate-dipped fruit, toffee, cookies, and caramel, taking care of each step of the process themselves. This means that Chequessett Chocolate employees handle the roasting, cracking, winnowing, grinding, conching, tempering, and molding of the chocolate, leaving nothing to outside sources. The end result is that each chocolate product is made to the highest standards.

There’s a cafe on-site at Chequessett Chocolate, as well, where you can have a coffee, tea, smoothie, juice, or ice cream with your chocolate. There's also the High Tide Kitchen food truck in the retailer's parking lot in the summer, so you can enjoy a meal without having to go too far.


4. PB Boulangerie

Right by the Wellfleet Trailhead of the Cape Cod Rail Trail is PB Boulangerie Bistro, a French restaurant that is well-known all over the Cape for its high-quality cuisine. Attached to the bistro is a bakery, however, and that is what visitors say they're looking forward to trying again the next time they're on the Cape.

The creations at this bakery are legendary, as the items like the homemade cookies, lemon tarts, croissants, and various types of bread are to die for. You might even find yourself packing a loaf or two to bring home with you when the time comes to leave the Cape until next year.


5. Provincetown Fudge Factory

You might not believe it, but some of the world's best fudge is made on the Outer Cape at Provincetown Fudge Factory. The factory's success is attributed to its original family recipe and the fact that everything is handmade the old-fashioned way with copper pots and hand paddles. In the summer, you can even watch the staff as they make this world-famous fudge from scratch.

In addition to fudge, you can pick up peanut butter cups, taffy, nuts, jar candy, chocolate, and truffles at this Commercial Street location, which has been in business since 1984. Once you head inside and smell the chocolatey goodness, you'll quickly see why visitors to the Cape always come back to Provincetown Fudge Factory.


Head to the Outer Cape

If you’ve never been to Cape Cod before, now is your chance to book a vacation rental on the Outer Cape. Once here, you’ll be within easy commuting distance of these Cape-Cod-exclusive locations that repeat visitors return to time after time.

Many Cape Cod regular visitors can’t wait to start their next vacations so they can hit up these establishments again, and once you give them a try, we’re confident that you’ll feel the same way.

Atlantic Spice Company Chequessett Chocolate Outer Cape Pb Boulangerie Bistro Provincetown Fudge Factory South Hollow Spirits

Are You Ready for National Plan for Vacation Day?
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Tuesday, January 22, 2019

National Plan for Vacation Day

In case you haven’t heard, Tuesday, January 29, 2019, marks an annual event called National Plan for Vacation Day.

So, what exactly is National Plan for Vacation Day?

In short, it's a day where Americans are encouraged to arrange their vacation time for the rest of the year, ensuring that they have everything organized well in advance. This plan can include aspects of vacation planning like asking for time off, selecting locations to visit, and starting the booking process.

When you put off planning your vacation time, you're far less likely to use it. By having a specific day where you get together with your family to plan your holidays, you're more likely to get the time off and come up with a vacation itinerary that works for everyone involved.


Vacation Planning by the Numbers

Only about 49% of American workers take the time to pre-plan their vacations, leading to many people missing out. The main reason for not planning vacations ahead of time is uncertainty regarding the family's personal, work, and children's schedules.

By planning well in advance, you can make it much easier for your boss to grant your time off later in the year. A recent survey suggests that 91% of managers want to approve vacation time requests, but 43% of these bosses report not receiving enough notice to grant these absences. A principal reason for the disconnect is that 52% of workers fail to give at least six weeks notice and only 19% of employees ask for time off three or more months in advance.

Another aspect of pre-planning is that it gives you time to get ahead on your work, rather than neglecting it all until the last minute or having it pile up while you're gone. About 57% of employees end up leaving a backlog of work for when they complete their vacation or end up bringing it with them; not ideal if you’re looking to get away from it all for a week or two.

The goal when planning your vacation on January 29 is to give you more than enough time to get everything, and everyone, organized, so that you can enjoy a stress-free holiday when the time comes.


Why You Should Book Direct

book direct and saveOnce you've determined when and where you want to take your vacation, the next step is booking your transportation and accommodation.

Something to remember is that booking directly with Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals helps to save you money verses booking through a large online travel agent like HomeAway, VRBO, or Airbnb.

The large websites charge property owners and renters commission and booking fees, which can add to the expense of your rental. These charges are generally between 6% and 10% but can sometimes reach as high as 25%. When you're booking a vacation home for a week or more, these fees can certainly add up.

Consequently, you should also know that February 6, 2019, is the second annual #BookDirect Day, which has the objective of raising awareness of the benefits of booking directly through the property manager or owner.

Search for the hashtag #bookdirect on social media sites that day for more information on the benefits of booking directly through a property management firm.

The idea is that booking direct often means better communication, lower fees, and an overall more enjoyable renting experience.


What This Means for Your Cape Cod Vacation

As you might expect, vacation rentals on Cape Cod are extremely popular during the summer and booking ahead is a necessity. If you don’t book ahead, you’ll probably be out of luck when looking for a rental on your desired dates and location.

January 29 makes the perfect time to begin the Cape Cod vacation planning process, so you can organize your dates and book your vacation home right away.

And, of course, booking directly through Kinlin Grover means you can avoid the service fees you’ll see on websites like HomeAway and VRBO, which add to the overall cost of your vacation. Going this route is best for everyone involved, as both you and the homeowner can avoid overpaying a third-party and you can communicate directly with us, rather than having to rely on a booking site with out-of-state customer service and limited knowledge of the Cape.

With over 750 properties from which to choose, you’re sure to find the perfect match on Cape Cod through Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals, as long as you plan your vacation well in advance.


Spend this year's Plan for Vacation Day checking out everything that Cape Cod has to offer.

Book Direct Cape Cod Vacation Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals National Plan For Vacation Day

Have You Heard These Hidden Wellfleet Facts?
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, January 14, 2019

Enter Wellfleet

When vacationing in Wellfleet, Massachusetts you'll surely check out popular attractions like the Cape Cod National Seashore, the Massachusetts Audubon Society Wildlife Sanctuary, and Wellfleet Harbor. You might also eat at some of the great restaurants in the downtown area or do some fishing on one of the town's kettle ponds and experience a quiet refrain from the ocean-side beaches, which you’ll also likely visit.

While the mainstream, touristy characteristics of Wellfleet attract visitors every year, the area has some interesting stories that are worth looking into because they provide off-the-beaten-path locations to explore from your vacation rental. The following facts also present insight into how Wellfleet became what it is today, so read on if you’re interested in learning more about this quirky Cape Cod town.


A Wellfleet Resident Brought Bananas to America  Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker

You're probably aware that bananas aren't native to the United States, as they are an imported tropical fruit. Did you know, however, that Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker, the man responsible for mass-scale banana importing in the country, was born and raised in Wellfleet?

In 1870, Baker took his ship to Venezuela, and on his way back to New York City, stopped in Jamaica to pick up a few bunches of bananas. Unfortunately, the produce spoiled by the time he reached the United States. Undeterred, Baker returned to Jamaica the following year and picked some green bananas, which ripened on his way home.

Baker earned a substantial profit from these bananas, as he could purchase a bunch for 25 cents and then sell it for $3, the equivalent of nearly $60 in 2018 prices. He would turn this practice into a very successful business where he'd make his fortune.


Eventually, Baker would form the Boston Fruit Company, an entity that has since become the United Fruit Company, a corporation that imports the Chiquita brand bananas you see in grocery stores today.


Wellfleet Harbor Had a Grand Hotel

Chequesset Inn c1886 photo courtesy of Wellfleet Historical SocietyBaker’s influence on Wellfleet didn’t stop at bananas, as his sudden wealth and status led to the area becoming a summer hotspot for the rich and famous. In 1886, Baker, now known as The Banana King, opened the Chequesset Inn, a large hotel that sat on the old Mercantile Wharf and extended 400 feet into Wellfleet Harbor. Baker envisioned the resorts he had seen in his travels through Florida and the Caribbean when he built the inn, and made it an all-inclusive property that catered to high society.

The inn, a four-story-tall building with 62 rooms, collapsed into Wellfleet Harbor during an intense winter storm in 1934. There is a plaque near the spot the hotel stood, which is near Mayo Beach off Kendrick Avenue, and you can still see pieces of the pier in the water during low tide.

The Chequesset Inn is chiefly responsible for developing the early tourism industry in Wellfleet, as it gave people a reason to visit. As our next fact suggests, the industry has taken off exponentially since the late 1800s, to the point that Wellfleet is an entirely different place in the summer.


The Population Grows to Over 17,000 in the Summer

Wellfleet is a relatively small town, with an estimated population of about 3,500 people during the offseason. In the summer, however, the community swells to over 17,000 residents, many of whom own or rent Cape Cod vacation homes.

Although this temporary growth is an inconvenience for many locals, as it leads to lines and crowds everywhere, it is responsible for keeping the economy afloat. Cape Cod businesses rely on seasonal residents spending money in the area and, thus, the influx of visitors is essential for the survival of the town in its current form.


Marconi Beach is Named After an Italian Inventor

Marconi Beach is one of the more popular places to spend time in Wellfleet during the summer, but did you know that it got its name from world-famous Italian inventor and engineer Guglielmo Marconi? Marconi is known for his work with long-distance wireless telegraphs and credited with inventing our current system of using radio waves for transatlantic communication.

As the story goes, Marconi chose the area that is now Marconi Beach to set up Marconi Station in 1901, where he planned to make the world's first wireless transatlantic communication. He chose the beach because it is elevated without much vegetation, providing a clear shot across the ocean.

Marconi ultimately ended up sending the first communication to cross the Atlantic from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. But on January 18, 1903, a message from President Theodore Roosevelt was sent to King Edward VII using his station in Wellfleet in what was the first transatlantic wireless communication to emanate from the United States. Pieces of the first wireless tower are still visible at the beach.


Town Clock Remains on Ship's Time

When you're in Wellfleet's downtown area, you're sure to hear the bells at the First Congregational Church on Main Street ring every half hour. This tradition occurs because the church is home to the only bell clock in the country that remains on ship's time.

On a ship, time is broken down into four-hour shifts that start both in the AM and PM at 12:00, 4:00, and 8:00. There is then one bell-ring for every half hour past the start of a shift. For example, the bell clock will ring once at 12:30, twice at 1:00, and three times at 1:30 for a shift starting at noon.

This quirk means that bell clock at this church in downtown Wellfleet rings all day and all night, but it'll never tell you the correct time unless you know how to decipher ship's time. When you head down to Main Street on your Wellfleet vacation, see if you can figure out what time it is just by listening to the bells.


Explore These Wellfleet Facts

If you spend any amount of time in Wellfleet in the coming months, take the time to explore the stories and locations behind these hidden facts. Some, like Marconi Beach and Town Clock, are easily accessible, while others, such as Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker’s plaque, will take some digging to find. Wellfleet is a special place for those who live and spend their vacations there, and these hidden facts add to the allure of this quintessential Cape Cod town.

Bananas Chequesset Inn Marconi Beach Wellfleet Wellfleet Town Clock

The Top 5 Bakeries in Barnstable
| Monday, January 7, 2019

As the largest community on Cape Cod, with a population of about 45,000 and including villages like Hyannis, Cotuit, Marston Mills, Centerville, and Osterville, it makes sense that Barnstable would have a plethora of dining venues. Included with these eateries are the city's bakeries, of which the area has a wide selection from which to choose.

All of these bakeries serve food, but for the purposes of this list, we're looking at the venues with the best made-on-site baked goods in Barnstable. Make sure you head out and try some of these bakeries during your time on the Mid Cape because most of them only have one location and all of them are outstandingly delicious.

1) Pain D'AvignonPain d'Avignon pastries in Hyannis on Cape Cod Massachusetts.

On Hinckley Road in Hyannis, a few blocks from Cape Cod Mall, you'll find Pain D'Avignon, a restaurant and bakery with some of the Cape's most sought-after baked goods. The bakery has a philosophy where it focuses on using traditional breadmaking methods without the use of preservatives or artificial ingredients. The result is that every loaf has a distinctly European flavor and is meant to be the centerpiece of your dining experience, rather than a complementary afterthought. The products sold at Pain D'Avignon are also available at the Chatham Farmer’s Market, Dewey Square Farmer's Market, Hingham Farmer's Market, and Provincetown Farmer's Market during the high season, so if you can’t get to the bakery, you can still enjoy its goods.

2) Morning Glory Cafe

Over in Marston Mills, Morning Glory Cafe has an exceptional reputation because of the bread, cookies, bagels, muffins, and croissants they make on-site daily. The bakery, which is located on Cotuit Road, also serves a quiche of the day, in addition to breakfast burritos, sandwiches, soups, wraps, and salads. Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, a cup of coffee, or some baked goods to go, Morning Glory Cafe is a great option that sits just off Route 28 and is a definite favorite of many locals.

3) Casual Gourmet

The Casual Gourmet in Centerville is widely known for its wedding catering. In fact, it has won numerous awards for its catering and is perhaps the top choice in this regard on all of the Cape. This locally owned and operated company not only makes delectable wedding cakes but provides the entire catering experience for events of all sizes. At the same time, you can pop into the storefront on Richardson Road for breakfast, lunch, coffee, or some baked goods, as well as order ahead if you're in search of a custom cake or meal for a large group. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or need food for an event, the Casual Gourmet has you covered.

4) Lorena Bakery & Cafe

Sitting in a prime location on Main Street near Hyannis Harbor, Lorena Bakery & Cafe is a must-visit when you're in the area. This cafe serves breakfast, including sandwiches and waffles, all day, and features a selection of bread and pastries that are baked on-site. You can also pick up some homemade granola or have a wrap, salad, or sandwich for lunch. Lorena Bakery & Cafe has extended hours in comparison to other cafes on this list, so you can even head down for dessert after dinner in the summer. When you’re exploring the harborfront area or stopping at the nearby John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum, this bakery is the perfect place to pop in for a meal or a snack.

5) Panera Bread

Located in Capetown Plaza on Iyannough Road, Panera Bread is easily accessible, keeps long hours, and allows for online ordering. While this bakery is part of a national chain, it belongs on this list because the bread is baked on-site daily using fresh dough that is delivered each morning. You can buy bread by the loaf at Panera Bread, in addition to pre-made sandwiches, soup, bagels, sweets, muffins, smoothies, pasta, flatbread, and salad. In short, this is the type of place that you can head for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on any day of the week.

6) Centerville Pie CompanyCenterville Pie Blueberry Pie. Centerville, MA on Cape Cod.

This list could not be considered complete without mentioning The Centerville Pie Company. This pie company has been making headlines since they opened their doors almost a decade ago. Their pie shop is located on Route 28 in Centerville and they distribute pies throughout the Cape and off Cape through many local stores.

Some of their signiture pies include their now famous Chicken Pie, Clam Pie, Lobster Pie, Vegetarian Pie and other "Savory Pies". After your main course, you can enjoy some of their fruit pies (apple, blueberry, cranberry, peach, pumpkin and more) or some ice cream pie. They even make a mean Pecan Pie and a tasty Key Lime Pie.

The Best of Barnstable

Small, family-run bakeries thrive in Barnstable, as there is clearly a market for fresh, locally-baked bread throughout the community. During your Cape Cod vacation, you might consider skipping the grocery store bread and picking up some made-on-the-Cape baked goods to keep at your vacation rental all week long.

You can’t beat the quality of these bakeries in Barnstable because if they’re on this list, it means the people of Cape Cod love what they’re cooking up.

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