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Why You Should Visit the Chatham Orpheum Theater
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, June 29, 2020

You'll have countless things to do during the days on your Cape Cod vacation, as you'll likely hit the beaches, walk the dunes, hike the trails, and maybe go for a boat trip into Chatham Harbor.

When the sun goes down, however, you might want to find an indoor activity to pass some time before heading back to your vacation rental for a good night's sleep.

The Chatham Orpheum Theater provides just such an activity, as this historic venue offers a unique place to check out a film.

The theater sits in the heart of downtown Chatham, near popular eateries like the Captain's Table, Bistro on Main, and Carmine's, making it the perfect place to cap a busy day spent exploring the Cape's top attractions.

The Theater's History

The original Orpheum Theater first opened its doors in 1916 and was the first movie house in Chatham. The theater operated throughout the silent film era and was a local institution for 72 years, creating a memorable location for locals and visitors alike to take in some of Hollywood's most famous productions.

In 1987, the venue, then known as the Chatham Theater, closed its doors, and the building was eventually converted into a CVS pharmacy. This closure left Chatham without a movie theater, and although a new multiplex was built in East Harwich, it didn't have the same character as the old building.

Re-opening in 2013

CVS would operate out of the building for the next 24 years, but then, in November of 2011, something happened: CVS vacated the building. As luck would have it, the East Harwich multiplex closed its doors on the very same day, leaving the area with a significant void, but one that the Orpheum could potentially fill.

A grassroots team quickly established a non-profit organization in Chatham with the goal of raising enough money to purchase the building and re-open the Orpheum Theater.

By April of 2012, the group had raised enough money for a down payment on the building's $1.2 million mortgage, giving them the opportunity to purchase the Orpheum. The work wasn't over, however, as the organization then raised even more money to restore the 100-year-old building and create a modern, state-of-the-art cinema inside.

The first movie screening in nearly 25 years took place on August 22, 2012, when "Musical Chairs" was played as a test before an empty room.

It wasn't until July 25, 2013, that the theater was ready for the public, and on that day, donors, volunteers, and board members watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in the building.

The first public screening took place on July 26, 2013, before a packed house. In fact, people lined up all the way down the street for the chance to see a movie at the new Orpheum Theater.

What's Playing

You should know that the Orpheum Theater isn't like a multiplex theater, as it shows a good mix of Hollywood productions, local films, classic films, documentaries, and independent films.

It also features various film series throughout the year, so if you're into a particular genre or you enjoy smaller productions, keep an eye on their calendar events to see what's playing while you're on the Cape.

The Orpheum Cafe

During the Orpheum building's renovations, a cafe was added, giving movie-goers and the general public alike access to another restaurant in downtown Chatham. The cafe is open seven days per week, and the great thing is that you can take anything that you order off the menu into the movie theater with you.

The menu at the Orpheum Cafe includes soups, salads, appetizers, tacos, and sandwiches, and they even have a selection of beer and wine, including seasonal beers produced on the Cape.

You won't find food options like this at any multiplex theaters, as this is yet another way that the board of the Orpheum Theater is trying to create a better viewing atmosphere for its supporters.

Support the Arts

Whether you have time to check out a movie during your vacation or you're simply too busy, you can still support this venture and the arts on Cape Cod in general.

The Orpheum Theater accepts donations through its website as they try to grow Chatham's arts scene and maintain this building for the next generation of film lovers.

If you can make it to the theater, tickets for most shows are $11 for adults and $8 for children and seniors, and you can purchase tickets online through the theater's website ahead of time.

Cape Cod is full of history, and Chatham's Orpheum Theater is a huge part of the Cape's past that has now become part of its present and future, as well.

Chatham Chatham Orpheum Theater

Walking Across the Provincetown Causeway
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, June 22, 2020

As you explore downtown Provincetown during your Cape Cod vacation, there's a good chance you'll end up at First Landing Park, a site commemorating the arrival of the Pilgrims on the Cape in 1620.

The park is full of plaques and markers, making it a great place to check out if you're interested in learning some of America's oldest history.

You'll have outstanding views of Provincetown Harbor from the park, and when you head across the street, you'll see a rock wall jetting into the water.

This wall is the Provincetown Causeway, and it extends across the bay to a section of secluded beach near the Wood End Lighthouse. You can walk the entire causeway, which is a little over a mile long, putting you on one of the Cape's best-kept secrets.

Here's what you should know about this area before you walk the Provincetown Causeway.

Where to Park

If your vacation rental is in the downtown Provincetown area, you're best off walking to the park to begin your hike.

For those staying a little further away, there's street parking at the causeway, although it's quite limited. Another option is the West End Parking Lot on Commercial Street.

Overall, Provincetown is a challenging place to find parking. Still, the West End is often the least-busy section because most of the town's bars and restaurants are closer to MacMillan Pier.

The Walk

The hike across the Provincetown Causeway is surprisingly challenging because you'll be walking across boulders the entire time. You'll have to watch your footing as you travel, and keep in mind that there isn't any shade, so you'll want to dress accordingly.

Enjoy the views as you walk along the causeway because you'll see Provincetown in an entirely different way. You can observe the entire harbor once you get out there, in addition to beaches, marshes, and lighthouses. This hike isn't something to take with your kids, but you'll surely get a lot out of it if you go with a spouse or friends.

Things to Look For

In addition to the scenery, keep an eye out for wildlife as you cross the breakwater. The area closest to the shore is an accessible shellfishing location, so you'll likely see clams, quahogs, and oysters when you begin.

Depending on the tide, you could see hermit crabs and starfish between the rocks, and a variety of birds carrying fish overhead, as well.

There are also seals in the waters here, which are always a thrill for travelers who get to see them. 

The Beaches at the Other End

As you complete your journey across the Provincetown Causeway, you'll notice a lengthy expanse of beach on the other side. The end of this hike is one of the most rewarding on Cape Cod because you'll come across miles of empty beaches on which to spread out and enjoy the serenity.

Heading northeast, you'll encounter Long Point Beach, which has golden sand overlooking both Provincetown Harbor and Cape Cod Bay. If you walk far enough, you'll also reach Long Point Light Station, offering panoramic views of the entire harbor.

As a bonus, you can take the Long Point Shuttle back to Provincetown from this beach, so you won't have to walk over the breakwater again. It's $15 for a one-way ticket, and you'll buy it onboard. Keep in mind that the boat is cash-only; bring money if you'd like a lift back to the mainland.

Heading northwest from the Provincetown Causeway takes you to the Wood End Lighthouse and the beach surrounding it. You can walk on the dunes on this beach until you find a secluded spot or, if you're bursting with energy, walk the sands up to Herring Cove Beach. 

The pathway to Herring Cove will probably take you a couple of hours to complete, but you'll be within walking distance of downtown Provincetown at the end.

No matter which option you choose, you're sure to enjoy your time on this secluded section of sand that's away from the crowds of downtown Provincetown.

Watch for the Tide

Before embarking on your hike, look at the tide chart to ensure you'll return before the water rises.

That's because, at high tide, water covers part of the Provincetown Causeway, leaving it impossible to cross.

If you end up on the beach-side of the causeway at high tide, your only options are to wait for the waters to recede or make the hike through Herring Cove Beach, both of which will leave you stranded for hours.

The good news is that the tide is usually out in the afternoon when you'd likely go, but always check the tide chart before setting foot on the breakwater.

A Great Day in Provincetown

The Provincetown Causeway was built in 1911 to prevent shifting dunes from creating a beach and destroying nearby marshland. It has done its job ever since, as the marsh is still a valuable ecosystem for local wildlife.

The breakwater has since become a popular attraction for visitors because of its scenic views and the access it provides to the Cape's most secluded beaches. 

When spending time in Provincetown, heading over the causeway is well worth the effort because the payoff at the end is something you won't experience anywhere else. 

Pilgrims Provincetown

Spending a Special Evening at the Wellfleet Drive-In
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, June 15, 2020

After a day spent experiencing the Cape Cod National Seashore, biking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, or exploring Wellfleet Town Pier, you might want to wind down with a quiet activity in the evening.

Luckily, the Wellfleet Drive-In is an option. This historic movie theater allows you to enjoy a double feature from your vehicle, enabling you to avoid the lines and crowds associated with an indoor cinema. 

The Wellfleet Drive-In is located on Route 6 in South Wellfleet, making it easily accessible from most vacation rentals in the area, and a relaxing place to finish a day on the Cape.

Here's some information on this venue and the other activities it has on the premises. 

The Drive-In's History

The Wellfleet Drive-In is a historic theater that first opened in 1957, with renovations the following year adding supports to the screen. The original speaker boxes remain in place, or you can listen to the films through your car stereo if you aren't into the vintage experience.

The theater added a mini-golf course in 1961, giving families who arrive early an activity while waiting for the feature to begin. Other additions to the venue include the Flea Market, which opened in 1974, and the indoor theater, which appeared in 1986.

Today, the Wellfleet Drive-In has digital projectors that provide a state-of-the-art viewing experience combined with the nostalgia of watching a movie in your car. This facility is the only drive-in theater on Cape Cod, and one of only 300 left in the United States, so make sure you check it out while on the Cape.

About the Drive-In

The protocol for the drive-in itself is rather simple, as tickets generally go on sale two or three days before the showing. The theater is open every day of the week during the summer, with shows starting once the sun goes down.

You can arrive at the drive-in starting at 7:00 PM, and organizers recommend that you get there as early as possible for the best spots. Two features will play every night, with the second movie usually getting started before 10:00.

When you pay for a ticket, you're paying for both films. You can leave after the first film, however. You'll also have the opportunity to show up for only the second movie, space permitting, but advanced tickets are not available in this scenario.

Keep in mind that the Wellfleet Drive-In generally plays older films, as they reserve new releases for the indoor theater.

The Indoor Cinema

The indoor movie theater is on the same property as the drive-in and plays new releases all year long. This indoor cinema is about the same price as the drive-in, except it isn't a double feature.

You can buy tickets in advance online for any show, which is a good idea during the busy season.

The theater also has a concession and offers a much more personal experience than the major chains that own many of the country's cinemas. 

Mini Golf and Ice Cream

As we mentioned, you'll want to show up well before the first movie begins to get yourself a good viewing location.

So how do you spend your time?

The Wellfleet Drive-In has a mini-golf course, so you can play 18 holes while you wait. The course is mostly unchanged from 1961, giving it a vintage feel that your kids won't experience anywhere else.

If you aren't into mini-golf, you can also spend some time at the Dairy Bar. You can grab an ice cream, sundae, root beer float, milkshake, or frozen yogurt to enjoy at the indoor, air-conditioned lounge or outside on the patio.

It's usually painful to pass the time while waiting for a movie to begin, but the Wellfleet Drive-In makes it just as much fun as the film itself.

An On-Site Flea Market

A final addition to the Wellfleet Drive-In is the Wellfleet Flea Market, the largest one on the entire Cape. The Wellfleet Flea Market doesn't operate at the same time as the drive-in but is instead a way to use the space during the day.

You'll pay an admission fee of about $3 per car to enter the Wellfleet Flea Market, and from there, you'll have access to over 150 vendors selling everything from antiques to Cape Cod memorabilia.

If you're looking for a rare item to bring home from your Cape Cod vacation, this market is one place to visit.

There's a snack bar and beer garden at the Wellfleet Flea Market, too, if you aren't into the shopping aspect of things.

A One-of-a-Kind Cape Cod Destination

You won't find many venues like the Wellfleet Drive-In elsewhere in the United States because this type of facility is a dying breed. As a result, it's good to check out this locally owned and operated outdoor movie theater while staying in Wellfleet because you never know when you'll have another opportunity.

The Wellfleet Drive-In provides an excellent mix of 1950s nostalgia and modern convenience, making it a must-visit location while experiencing everything the Cape has to offer.

Drivein Movie Wellfleet Wellflleet Drivein

Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, June 8, 2020

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

As Cape Cod begins to re-open in Phase 2, we are looking forward to enjoying many of our favorite things again. We understand there are some of you who are missing Cape Cod too. So to help you enjoy the memories of your summer vacations past, we are going to be holding a Virtual Scavenger Hunt that you can participate in from wherever you are. Enter your photos for each item we are "Hunting" for and be entered for a chance to win a Cape Cod Swag Bag of local treasures valued up to $200.

To be eligible:

  1. You must be following us on Instagram and/or Facebook (wherever you choose to enter from)
  2. You must like the post for the Hunt item you are entering


To enter:

  1.  For each Scavenger Hunt item, you need to post in the comments a picture of the item found on Cape Cod. You may tag the business or place if you want to, but that's not required.
  2.  You may enter as many different photos as you like, each comment will be considered one entry
  3.  One new comment per photo you are entering


Contest Rules

  • Contest will be run on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously
  • You do not need to enter on both platforms to be eligible
  • By entering this photo contest, you agree that Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals and Kinlin Grover Real Estate can use your photo in any further marketing or contest social media posts for their purposes 
  • Scavenger Hunt will run until July 31, 2020
  • Winner will be notified via Private Message on Facebook and/or Instagram by August 3, 2020
  • If winner does not respond to private message with contact information by August 6, 2020, a new winner will be chosen.
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Instagram. You understand that you are providing your information to Kinlin Grover Vacation Rentals and not to Facebook or Instagram. By participating in this promotion, you agree to a complete release of Facebook and Instagram from any claims.


A Guide to Spending Your Vacation in Eastham, Massachusetts
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, June 1, 2020

Although Eastham isn't one of Cape Cod's best-known locations, it provides an enjoyable place to spend a vacation because there's a little bit of everyone in one small area.

Eastham is excellent because not only is it right on both Cape Cod Bay and the Cape Cod National Seashore, but it also features numerous ponds that provide exceptional places to visit away from the ocean.

Locals see Eastham as one of the Cape's best-kept secrets, but it won't stay that way for long because of the abundance of activities there.

Here's a look at some of the great ways you can spend your time in Eastham, MA, during your Cape Cod vacation.

Eastham's Ponds

Some visitors to the Cape overlook the area's ponds, but that is a mistake when it comes to Eastham. Most of the ponds in this town are just west of Route 6, making them easily accessible when traveling up the Cape. Herring Pond, Jemima Pond, Mill Pond, and Depot Pond are scenic areas that you can reach via the Cape Cod Rail Trail or one of the many roads exiting the highway.

The largest of the bunch is Great Pond, which has two beaches - Great Pond Beach and Wiley Park Beach - that offer outstanding opportunities to relax by the water without fighting the crowds or dealing with the sometimes unpredictable weather on the ocean.

At Wiley Park, you'll find an extensive network of trails running through the woods around the pond and a playground for the kids. Wiley Park also has a beautiful beach, swimming area, and parking lot, making it a great location to spend the day.

You'll also find lovely scenery at Great Pond Beach, in addition to a boat launch, if you've brought your watercraft with you on vacation.

If you have a vacation rental in Eastham, make Great Pond your destination for at least one day.

Oceanfront Beaches in Eastham

Of course, you didn't travel to Cape Cod to avoid the ocean and, luckily, Eastham has outstanding access to a few beautiful beaches.

On the Cape Cod Bay side of things, you'll find First Encounter Beach, Herring Brook Beach, Hatch Beach, Thumpertown Beach, Kingsbury Beach, Cooks Brook Beach, and Campground Beach, to name a few. Keep in mind that only First Encounter and Cooks Brook allow for day passes for non-residents.

On the Cape Cod National Seashore side of town, you'll come across Nauset Light Beach and Coast Guard Beach, two of the area's most popular destinations for locals. The views out to sea from these beaches are outstanding, and you can swim there when the water is calm enough.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail

We mentioned that you could access a few ponds in Eastham from the Cape Cod Rail Trail, but there's so much more you can do if you go for a ride.

This trail runs 25 miles between South Dennis and Wellfleet, passing destinations like downtown Orleans, Nickerson State Park, and downtown Brewster along the way. You can see a lot of Cape Cod in a single day if you ride the trail, and there are numerous places to rent a bike on the Cape, as well.

Restaurants on Route 6

With all that time spent roaming the beaches and exploring the trails, you'll need to eat somewhere, and Eastham is full of great restaurants, especially along Route 6.

Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar is an iconic restaurant that's famous for its lobster rolls and fried clams. Plus, the venue has a mini-golf course and serves beer, wine, cocktails, and gourmet ice cream.

As its name suggests, Red Barn Pizza is known for its pizza, but they also have soups, salads, burgers, and pasta on the menu. There's mini-golf, ice cream, beer, and wine here, so you can make a night of it when you stop by.

If you're searching for breakfast, Hole-in-One has an extensive menu and is also famous for its hand-cut donuts. You can get lunch at this restaurant, too, or pick up some bakery items to enjoy at your vacation rental.

For dessert, Nauset Ice Cream is one of the top destinations in Eastham, thanks to its selection of over 30 types of ice cream. There's also a variety of sorbets and yogurts available, in addition to frappes, milkshakes, smoothies, and floats.

There are many more restaurants on this strip of highway in Eastham, so be sure to check it out from your vacation rental.

Eastham's Historic Sites

Cape Cod as a whole is full of history, and Eastham is no different.

When it town, make sure you visit the 1868 Captain Penniman House, Indian Rock, the Windmill Green and Bandstand, featuring a windmill from 1680, and the Cape Cod National Seashore Museum.

First Encounter Beach is also historically significant because it's the location of the first interaction between Pilgrims and Native Americans when the former first arrived in the New World.

Find a Vacation Rental in Eastham, MA

Eastham, Massachusetts, only has a population of about 4,900 people, but that doesn't prevent it from being one of the top vacation destinations on the East Coast. This town has excellent beaches, high-end restaurants, and impressive history, ensuring visitors never run out of things to do while there.

It's also helpful to know that Eastham is a short drive from places like Provincetown, Orleans, Brewster, and Wellfleet, so you can explore other towns during your time on Cape Cod.


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