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Exploring Skaket Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Cape Cod is full of beautiful beaches, but very few are as impressively attractive as Skaket Beach in Orleans.

The beach sits in Orleans' Namskaket village and features white sand, views of Cape Cod Bay, and shallow water that makes it an excellent option for families. The beach's parking lot is steps from the ocean, as well, so it's easily accessible.

You won't find many amenities at Skaket Beach, but it does have a washroom, a concession, and picnic tables, giving you the option of spending the entire day there.

Give Skaket Beach a try during your Cape Cod vacation; it's a special place that you'll find yourself bragging about for years to come.

How to Reach Skaket Beach

Despite being a little off-the-beaten-path, getting to Skaket Beach is pretty straightforward because it isn't far from the Mid-Cape Highway.

When coming from the Harwich area, you'll take Exit 12 from the Mid-Cape Highway and turn right onto the Cranberry Highway. You'll then take a quick left onto West Road, which will take you back across the highway before merging with Skaket Beach Road, bringing you directly to the beach.

When coming from Brewster, you can take the Old King's Highway into Orleans, where it becomes the Cranberry Highway. From there, you'll turn onto West Road and follow it to the beach.

If you're coming from downtown Orleans, you can get onto Main Street, which becomes Rock Harbor Road and crosses over the Mid-Cape Highway. Take the first left after crossing the highway, which is Skaket Beach Road.

Finally, when arriving from Wellfleet or Truro on the Mid-Cape Highway, follow the signs directing you to Rock Harbor just north of downtown Orleans. From there, you'll turn right onto Canal Road, then right onto Locust Road, and finally right onto Rock Harbor Road. The rest of the directions are the same as when visiting the beach from Orleans.

About the Beach

When you first arrive at Skaket Beach, you'll immediately find yourself in awe of its impressive features.

For starters, the sand is a bright white color, which isn't overly common on Cape Cod. The beach also faces west, due to its position near the elbow of Cape Cod, so it has some of the area's most stunning sunsets.

As for the water, Skaket Beach is relatively shallow, and when the tide is out, you can walk nearly half a mile, and the water will only reach your knees.

The shallow water is great for kids because they can explore a little bit without you worrying too much about their safety. Remember to keep an eye on the tide charts, however, because it does come in quickly. The water remains pretty shallow when the tide is in, but it's less safe for small children.

For amenities, the beach has a concession stand and a washroom. There are also picnic tables and benches where you can sit and enjoy the views.

There's a fair amount of beach here, too, so you can stretch out and find a spot for yourself. Just make sure you don't cross over onto someone's private property because the beach is in a residential neighborhood.

Overall, Skaket Beach is a place you'll be glad you visited, and we're confident you'll be talking about it with your friends and family for years to come.

The Parking Situation

If there's one issue with Skaket Beach, it's the parking. It's not that the parking lot is tiny, as it's a medium-sized lot that provides enough space for the area during the low season.

The problem is that on a sunny day in the middle of summer, the lot fills up very early, and if you don't get there first thing in the morning, you might miss out.

However, there is a solution to this problem, and it'll allow you to see another of Cape Cod's most interesting sites.

When the parking lot is full, you can drop people off near the water before searching for parking elsewhere. One location where parking is available is outside of Captain Linnell House, which is only about a six-minute walk from the beach.

When leaving your car outside of Captain Linnell House, you'll see one of the most impressive examples of a neo-classical architecture on Cape Cod. This mansion, which dates back to 1840, is a sight to behold and currently a restaurant. If you plan ahead, you can even book dinner reservations for the end of your day at the beach.

If you end up getting a parking spot on the beach, it costs $25 for the day, and you'll pay the attendant upon arrival.

Your Orleans Vacation

Orleans is an excellent place to search for a vacation rental because it provides easy access to Cape Cod Bay, the Cape Cod Rail Trail, and the Cape Cod National Seashore. It also has a superb dining scene, is highly walkable, and has a team in the Cape Cod Baseball League.

After arriving on Cape Cod, make sure you venture to Skaket Beach at least once because it's genuinely one of the Cape's most memorable locations.

Orleans Skaket Beach

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