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The Top 5 Mom and Pop Shops in Barnstable
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Thursday, February 11, 2021

photo of a sandwichYou'll find mom and pop shops all over the Cape, as the abundance of local businesses is one of the things that makes this community special.

Each of Barnstable's seven villages features some of these small businesses, with a few of them standing out from the rest because of their quality.

Cape Cod residents and visitors alike love these retailers because of the high-quality products they provide, along with their outstanding service. This list includes both markets and restaurants, so whether you're cooking a meal at your vacation rental or want to eat out, there's an option for you.

Here's a look at the top five mom and pop shops in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

1) Lambert's Fruit Centerville

Centerville has a lot going for it thanks to its convenient location and scenic beaches. The village is mostly residential, so you'll find a fair number of vacation rentals from which to choose.

Lambert's Fruit Centerville is located where Route 28 and Main Street meet in Centerville, making it easy to find from anywhere on the Cape. Once inside, you'll notice that this mom and pop shop is a market, deli, and takeaway restaurant in one, giving you multiple choices when stopping in for a meal.

The prepared options are some of the most popular, as you can grab prime rib, seafood, pasta, and many cooked dinner items to enjoy later on. They also have fresh produce, a decent selection of wine, and homemade soups. You can eat in the outdoor dining area, too.

All of this comes together to make this locally owned business one of the best mom and pop shops in Barnstable.

2) Barnstable Market

Barnstable Market is a throwback to the general stores of the past, as this retailer has a little bit of everything. Here, you can grab some beer or wine, pick up your groceries for the week, buy some fresh donuts or pastries from the bakery, or seek out a prepared meal to enjoy on-site or at your vacation rental.

However, that's not all, as this Barnstable Village retailer also sells souvenirs, dinnerware, and paintings while focusing on using local suppliers for as many goods as possible.

Barnstable Market is conveniently located on Main Street, across the street from the Barnstable District Court. As a bonus, you can give them a call from the beach ahead of time, and your order will be ready to go when you arrive.

3) The Little Sandwich Shop

Hyannis' Main Street is a bustling area that's full of life in the summer. There are plenty of dining options in downtown Hyannis, with The Little Sandwich Shop being one of the top places to stop for lunch.

Much as its name suggests, The Little Sandwich Shop is a tiny restaurant specializing in sandwiches, including subs, Reubens, wraps, and vegetarian options. They have burgers, salads, and a kid's menu, too.

The same husband and wife team has owned The Little Sandwich Shop since it opened, and they're committed to making everything they serve from scratch using only the best ingredients they can find.

It can be easy to miss The Little Sandwich Shop because it's just a tiny hole in the wall, but it's highly recommended that you give them a try on your Cape Cod vacation.

4) Pain D'Avignon Restaurant Boulangerie

Located just off Iyannough Road and down the street from the Cape Cod Mall, Pain D'Avignon Restaurant Boulangerie is a bakery and restaurant in one.

This shop started as a bakery in 1992, as the owners wanted to bring Old World breadmaking techniques to the Cape. They don't use any preservatives in their bread, ensuring that you can enjoy their products in their most authentic form.

The restaurant is open for breakfast and also offers a fine dining experience later on in the day. They have a wine room with an extensive list, as well.

When searching for one of Cape Cod's most exclusive dining experiences, don't miss Pain D'Avignon Restaurant Boulangerie in Hyannis.

5) Spoon & Seed

There's an industrial park just north of Barnstable Municipal Airport in Hyannis, and truthfully, it's one of the last places you'd expect to find a great mom and pop restaurant on the Cape.

However, this is the location of the Spoon & Seed, a restaurant specializing in breakfast and lunch that also has take and bake meals for dinner.

As a result, you can head to the diner for bacon and eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, and other morning and afternoon favorites, or grab a pre-cooked pizza, pasta, or chicken dish to re-heat at your vacation rental.

If you don't want to cook but wish to enjoy a wonderful farm-to-table meal, the Spoon & Seed is an outstanding option.

Barnstable's Mom and Pop Shops

While mom and pop shops might be a dying breed in many parts of the country, they're thriving on Cape Cod. Special attention is paid to these local retailers on the Cape, helping ensure they survive for generations to come.

Make sure you support these small businesses on Cape Cod during your vacation. Not only is this support good for the community, but you're also sure to receive outstanding quality and service every time you stop by.

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Places You Won't Want to Miss in Barnstable Village
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, July 13, 2020

Booking a vacation rental in Barnstable Village puts you in the center of Cape Cod's only city, and the midst of one of the country's oldest communities. 

Present-day Barnstable was first explored in 1602 by Bartholomew Gosnold. In 1638, the area was settled as part of the Plymouth Colony, before being incorporated in 1639.

Signs of that early history are present throughout Barnstable Village, which is where many of these early settlers established their homes and businesses.

In addition to the history, Barnstable Village has a contemporary side, as you can head for a bite to eat, watch a live performance, or check out some modern art.

Here are some venues that you won't want to miss during your Barnstable Village holiday, all of which are on the Old King's Highway, which runs through the heart of the community.

The Barnstable Comedy Club

When you think of a comedy club, you likely conjure up the image of a smoke-filled room with a stand-up performing on a stage. That isn't what the Barnstable Comedy Club is about, however, as it's a performing arts venue that puts on four shows between November and May each year. 

This amateur community theater is the oldest of its kind on Cape Cod, and one of the oldest in the United States, having first opened its doors in 1922. Over the years, the 200-seat venue has given formerly unknown actors and actresses like Frances McDormand, Kurt Vonnegut, and Geena Davis their starts, with many more surely to come.

If you're vacationing on Cape Cod in the fall, winter, or spring, have a look at the Barnstable Comedy Club's schedule of events and make sure you check out a show.

Some Local Art Galleries

Are you in the mood for some local art? Well, Barnstable Village has multiple art galleries covering a variety of genres.

The best-known gallery in Barnstable Village is the Cape Cod Art Center, which hosts numerous juried contests and art sales throughout the year. The venue usually displays local artists, although you'll find New-England-wide and national competitions, as well.

The Barnstable Pottery and Art Gallery is a small shop that is open year-round and provides an excellent place to pick up a souvenir on your Cape Cod vacation. Owner Kevin Nolan creates all of the pottery sold there, and he even teaches classes in his on-site studio.

Tao Water Art Gallery sells contemporary Chinese art and has been a local staple since 1999. The gallery has a 5,000-square-foot showroom and features multiple exhibitions all year round. You can check out the schedule on their website to see what will be going on while you're in town.

All of the Historic Venues

We mentioned earlier that evidence of Barnstable Village's long and storied history remains to this day, but just how old are these facilities?

Well, the Sturgis Library dates back to 1644 and is the oldest library building in the United States. The building was initially constructed for John Lothrop, the founder of Barnstable, as a residence, but he also used it as a church in the settlement's early days. As a result, the building is also the country's oldest church. 

A couple of doors down from the Sturgis Library is the Olde Colonial Courthouse, a building that has an important place in American history. You see, the Olde Colonial Courthouse, which was built sometime between 1763 and 1774, is the site of a rebellion led by Samuel Adams and James Otis in 1774. During this event, 1,500 protesters refused British judicial representatives access to the building, which furthered tension between colonists and the crown.

Today, the Olde Colonial Courthouse is a museum and home to Tales of Cape Cod, a non-profit that aims to preserve the Cape's oral history. 

Historic homes are everywhere in Barnstable Village, as well, so keep an eye out for plaques as you wander the Old King's Highway because you're sure to come across many of them.

Multiple Gourmet Restaurants

As you spend your time on the Old King's Highway in Barnstable Village, you'll likely get hungry. There's good news on that front, as the area has two outstanding restaurants to visit.

First, there's Dolphin Restaurant, a venue that's over 70 years old and an institution in Barnstable Village. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, has an old-school vibe to it, and is famous for its seafood dishes. There's also a full bar, which is open late and has an extensive wine list.

Nearby is Barnstable Tuscan Cuisine, an establishment serving Italian food for lunch and dinner. You'll find this restaurant more contemporary than Dolphin on the interior, but it's housed in a historic building, as well. 

Nirvana Coffee and Smitty's Homemade Ice Cream are also in the area if you're looking for a quick bite, a drink, or dessert, and you can pick up groceries for your vacation rental at Barnstable Market, too.

There's Always Activity in Barnstable Village

Despite being away from the beaches of Craigville and the bustle of Hyannis Harbor, there's plenty to do in Barnstable Village. Exploring the history alone will take days of your time, and when you factor in the impressive arts scene, you're sure to keep yourself occupied during your vacation.

Away from the Old King's Highway, you're also close to Barnstable Harbor, Sandy Neck Beach, golf courses, kettle ponds, conservation areas, and Cape Cod Mall, making Barnstable Village a central and convenient place to spend your Cape Cod vacation.

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