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The Top 5 Ice Cream Shops in Chatham
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Thursday, August 1, 2019



There's nothing better than enjoying a cold ice cream on a hot summer's day, and when you're in the Chatham area on Cape Cod, multiple shops have you covered.


It doesn't matter if you've just come from a day at the beach or if you're wandering through downtown Chatham after enjoying a wonderful dinner, popping into an ice cream shop should be high on your list of things to do.


Each of these vendors offers something different, be it food, an outdoor dining area, or other desserts, so have a look at the top five ice cream shops in Chatham, Massachusetts to see which one meets your needs.


1) Emack and Bolio's


Emack and Bolio's is a chain of ice cream shops with locations all over the world, including three on Cape Cod. The Chatham store sits on Kent Place, just off Main Street in the downtown area, and features 25 flavors, in addition to frozen yogurt, juice, smoothies, soda, and chocolate.


The original Emack and Bolio's shop in Chatham was severely damaged by fire in the fall of 2018 but has been rebuilt in the same location. For selection and value, it's tough to beat this local favorite in Chatham. Keep in mind that the store is cash-only, but there is an ATM on-site.


2) Kreme n' Kone


Although Kream N' Kone sounds like an excellent name for an ice cream shop, this venue is actually one of Chatham's best seafood restaurants. The clam shack also sells soft-serve ice cream, however, with locals and visitors alike agreeing that it's some of the most delicious available anywhere in town.


Kream N' Kone sits on Main Street in West Chatham, right beside the post office. There is an outdoor patio, as well, making the restaurant a great place to stop for lunch and a quick ice cream cone in the afternoon, or for an after-dinner dessert.


3) Buffy's Ice Cream


Buffy's Ice Cream features a wide selection of ice cream flavors and offers homemade waffles cones for you to enjoy. Other items on the menu include frozen yogurt, cookies, brownies, milkshakes, and freshly squeezed lemonade. They even have vegan ice cream, if you are so inclined.


As far as the venue goes, you'll find Buffy's Ice Cream Shop right in the heart of the action in Chatham, as it sits on Main Street and is surrounded by the town's best restaurants. There are picnic tables in the backyard garden, providing the ideal place to enjoy a cone.


4) Chatham Penny Candy


Heading to Chatham Penny Candy is like stepping into a time warp, as the store is like the old-fashioned candy shops of the past. Inside, you'll have access to nostalgic treats from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, including fudge, saltwater taffy, candy, and, of course, ice cream.


This cash-only venue sits on the corner of Main Street and Seaview Street in downtown Chatham, across the street from Carmine's Pizza. If you're looking to re-live some of your childhood, or want to show your kids what candy stores used to look like, Chatham Penny Candy is worth a visit.


5) Brick Block Ice Cream Shop


What sets the Brick Block Ice Cream Shop apart from other ice cream vendors in Chatham is the fact that everything is handmade by the staff. When visiting Cape Cod, trying out some items that you can't find anywhere else in the country might be a priority, and that's precisely what you'll find here.


The Brick Block, which sits in a Main Street building dating back to 1914, is more than an ice cream shop, as frozen yogurt and coffee are available, as well. You'll also find a limited food menu that includes homemade beef, pork, and turkey burgers, which are among the best in Chatham.


Cooling Off With a Frozen Treat


Your Cape Cod vacation just got better, now that you know about some of the top places to grab an ice cream in Chatham. And, since some of these venues serve food, you can head there for an entire meal before or after a day packed with activities.


Chatham is a great place to spend your holiday because there is so much to do in such a small area. Taking advantage of the cool treats found throughout town will make your stay that much more enjoyable.

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