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Tree House Brewing: Cape Cod's Newest Taproom
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, June 28, 2021

photo of treehouse beer

The beer scene on Cape Cod seems like it's constantly evolving. Only a few years ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find more than a couple of breweries, but today, you can find a local craft beer in nearly every community.

The newest of the bunch is opening its doors in summer 2021, and it should provide a unique experience for Cape Cod's visitors.

Tree House Brewing, which already has a location in Charlton, Massachusetts, is expanding to include a second taproom in Sandwich. This brewery aims to provide perhaps the country's most scenic place to enjoy a beer and will become a focal point for those spending time near the Cape Cod Canal.

Here's a look at what you can expect at Tree House Brewing in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

The Location

In 2020, the founders of Tree House Brewing Company purchased two properties overlooking Cape Cod Bay: one at 98 Town Neck Road and another at 3 Freeman Avenue. These properties are side-by-side at First Beach, which is close to Town Neck Beach and the entrance to the Cape Cod Canal from Cape Cod Bay.

In short, this is one of the most scenic spots on the Cape, and Tree House Brewing is turning it into a taproom that could accommodate as many as 500 people inside and outside the three-story, 7,760-square-foot building.

This project could transform the area into a true destination and a spot that visitors to the Cape will surely want to check out during their vacations.

How it Might Look

Many questions surround this new taproom, and we don't yet know how it will look. However, numerous restaurants have operated out of the building at 98 Town Neck Road, so it will be the location of the taproom.

The neighboring property at 3 Freeman Avenue is just an empty lot. Still, rumors are swirling that it could become a food truck parking area, giving visitors and locals the chance to sample cuisine from some of the Cape's most notable vendors.

It's also likely that Tree House Brewing will attempt to use the views and beach to its advantage as much as possible, potentially turning this resident neighborhood into a far more popular location.

The Process

It's worth noting that to start, Tree House Brewing will have minimal capacity. As a result, they'll be operating by pre-order-only. In fact, they'll only have beers to-go for the first month or so.

The gist is that you'll have to order your beer ahead of time because they don't have enough storage space to keep up with an on-demand ordering system.

So, you'll head to their website, order the beer you'll want to sample during your visit, and then show up during your allotted time. While this method isn't perfect because it doesn't allow for spontaneous visits, it's necessary for the time being because the current venue doesn't have enough cooler space to keep mass amounts of beer cold.

COVID restrictions could also keep capacity down once the taproom officially opens, so having a pre-ordering process can eliminate lines outside the building and alleviate parking concerns.

Possible Expansion

Despite the small size of the brewery's current coolers, there could be expansion plans coming in the future. The owners also purchased 5 Freeman Avenue, a residence they could use to grow the business.

However, the official story right now is that the owners will be living in the home as they get the Sandwich location ready to open in the summer.

The company is also looking at off-site parking options and a shuttle service once they have the entire taproom up and running to its full capacity.

In the end, Tree House Brewing will probably need space for additional coolers or a place to brew more beer on-site if they wish to meet their goals. They have big plans for the future, but we'll have to wait to see what they entail.

What They'll Offer

If you're thinking of visiting Tree House Brewing, you'll probably want to know a bit about the beers. 

The good news is that they have a significant following in Charlton and other parts of Massachusetts because of their quality. They specialize in stouts, IPAs, and double IPAs, but also have ales, lagers, pilsners, and hefeweizens.

The plan is to sell coffee and breakfast at the brewery in the mornings, too, helping the owners get the most from the property all day long.

Another Brewery on Cape Cod

Many questions surrounding Tree House Brewing remain, but visitors to the Cape should keep an eye on the situation because it'll add yet another hotspot to visit when spending time in Sandwich.

The brewery's owners seem to have a vision regarding an oceanfront brewery on Cape Cod that they're trying to implement, and once they get it up and running, it should be a sight to behold.

The Cape is full of wonderful activities, and Tree House Brewing will add yet another unique location to check out from your vacation rental.

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Things to Do Near the Sandwich Marina
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Wednesday, February 3, 2021

photo of the sandwich marina

One of the more visible facilities on the Cape Cod Canal is the Sandwich Marina, a former harbor of refuge that is now home to 140 seasonal slips, 42 commercial slips, and 24 transient slips.

Visitors bringing their boats to the Cape can reserve a transient slip ahead of time. From there, they can utilize the marina's fuel dock, pump-out, restrooms, and showers.

However, even if you don't have a boat on Cape Cod, you might check out the region encompassing the marina because there's plenty to see and do.

Here's a look at the activities you'll find at the Sandwich Marina and its surrounding area.

Charter Boats

We mentioned that the Sandwich Marina has 42 commercial boating slips, and sportfishing charters often use these spaces. If you want to catch some fish in Cape Cod Bay, you'll have some options available.

The Laura Jay is a 31-foot boat that Don Cianciolo captains. This charter can take six people at a time on four, six, or eight hours trips and provides all tackle and fish cleaning services.

Captain Joe Penta operates the 38-foot H&H Osmond, a custom vessel that can handle groups of up to six on half-day and full-day excursions. The captain specializes in helping anglers catch striped bass.

Jackie Lu Charters, featuring Captain Barry Bader, runs charters for two to four people onto Cape Cod Bay. They'll take you trawling for bluefish or striped bass and even operate sightseeing tours into Provincetown.

These charters operate from the Sandwich Marina, so reserve your spot before arriving on the Cape to avoid missing out.

Restaurants and Markets

The Sandwich Marina area is stacked with restaurants and has a couple of seafood markets, too.

Some of the most popular eateries are the Pilot House Restaurant and Seafood Sam's, both of which sit east of the marina off Ed Moffit Drive. You'll find further dining options south of the marina, including Captain Scott's Seafood, The Shipwreck Ice Cream, Cafe Chew, and Moto Pizza.

Suppose you'd rather buy some seafood to cook at your vacation rental. In that case, Fishermen's View is a restaurant and market sitting on the west side of the marina, while Superior Lobster & Seafood is beside the Pilot House. These markets have some of the Cape's freshest seafood offerings and are must-visits when staying in the Sandwich area.

The Sandwich Recreation Area

West of the marina, directly beside Fisherman's View, sit the Sandwich Recreation Area and Sandwich Marine Park. This area is bustling with activity, so you can easily plan an entire day around your visit.

For starters, there's a playground where you can take the kids for some playtime as you watch the yachts and ships float by on the Cape Cod Canal. There are picnic tables there, too, so you can grab some food from Fishermen's View and enjoy it outdoors.

You're also sure to see people fishing from the shore in this location, and they have some pretty good success. If you brought your tackle to the Cape and have the necessary license, feel free to put your line in the water to see what you can snag.

The Sandwich Recreation Area also has a bike trail that lines the Cape Cod Canal. You can take this path west to where the Canal empties into Buzzards Bay or east to Cape Cod Bay. The route is paved and easy to find, making it a popular track for visitors to the Cape.

Sandcatcher Recreation Area

If you take the bike trail east, you'll come to the Sandcatcher Recreation Area. This park is where the Cape Cod Canal enters Cape Cod Bay, making it a great place to watch the ships roll by.

There's also a beach here, and you can wander south a little bit to 1st Beach, which has a restaurant and a parking lot.

This beach is relatively secluded yet is within walking distance of the marina, making it a great place to check out during your vacation.

Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center

Finally, you can take a visit to the Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center during your time near the Sandwich Marina. This museum offers some history on the Cape Cod Canal's planning and designing and even explains how the region looked before its creation.

Here, you'll learn about the wildlife that makes the Cape Cod Canal home, look at live radar shots to see all of the vessels currently in the Canal, and discover what's in most of the ships passing through the area.

A visit to the Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center is entertaining and educational. If you're interested in this area's history, stopping at the museum first is a good move.

Your Sandwich Vacation

Booking a vacation rental in Sandwich puts you close to all kinds of history, as this was the Cape's first town and is full of Colonial-era houses and buildings.

However, places like the Sandwich Marina and its surrounding area offer modern amenities, albeit with a bit of history sprinkled in.

If you're planning to spend your vacation in Sandwich, make sure you stop by the marina because there's always something to do on this part of the Cape.

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