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Golfing at The Ridge Club in Sandwich, Massachusetts
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, May 11, 2020

A vacation to Cape Cod is all about enjoying the finer things in life, from some of the country's most beautiful beaches to gourmet restaurants offering the East Coast's freshest seafood. One issue is that every visitor to the Cape is looking for these same things, so you might find yourself fighting the crowds for access to the most popular locations.

If exclusivity is what you're after, The Ridge Club in Sandwich could be an option. This private, members-only club features one of the Cape's most scenic golf courses, in addition to a clubhouse that has everything you could ever want on your vacation.

The catch is that The Ridge Club isn't open to the public, but there are ways for visitors to gain access.

Here's some information on The Ridge Club, along with how non-members can spend part of their vacations experiencing its amenities.

About the Course

The course at The Ridge Club is immaculate, as the groundskeepers do an excellent job of maintaining it throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

The Ridge Club is a relatively new course, at least by Cape Cod standards, opening in 1989. The course is a par 71 with 6,557 yards of length from the gold tees. You can shorten the course to 4,840 yards from the red tees, as well.

There are two par 5s at The Ridge Club, including the 472-yard first hole and the 555-yard 16th hole. There are four par 3s, with the rest of the course featuring par 4s of varying lengths.

The club also has tennis courts, a swimming pool, and two restaurants that you can dine at if you're lucky enough to spend the day at the venue.

Playing as a Guest

It is possible to play The Ridge Club as a guest, provided you have the sponsorship of a current member. If you have a friend with club membership, make the necessary arrangements, and you can visit the course.

The process for playing the course as a guest begins with the member putting your name on the guest list and booking a tee time for you.

Upon arrival, you'll check-in at the Gatehouse, as the club is located within a gated residential community. The attendant will then direct you toward the bag drop area, where a staff member will greet you and load your clubs onto a cart.

There's a locker room inside the clubhouse where you can change your shoes before your round. From there, you'll check-in at the pro shop before moving to the practice facilities that are next to the course.

Before playing, it's good to learn the club's rules, as you'll have to follow them as a guest. There's a dress code at The Ridge Club that prohibits jeans, cargo shorts, gym shorts, tennis shorts, t-shirts, and halter tops. You can wear Bermuda shorts or slacks, along with a collared shirt that must remain tucked at all times.

Cellphones are not permitted on the course unless you're using them for texting or the internet. If you have to make a phone call, you must do so in the parking lot.

As long as you follow the rules, you should have a good time during your round at The Ridge Club.

My Community and My World Memberships

Even if you don't have a sponsor, there is a way to play The Ridge Club during your Cape Cod vacation. If you're an avid golfer and love to travel, this option is worth considering.

The Ridge Club is part of the ClubCorp Network, which provides My World members with access to every club within the network. With the membership, you'll have access to over 300 venues for free. There's also a My Community membership that includes multiple country clubs in Massachusetts.

Even if you don't have a designated ClubCorp Network membership, there's a chance that your home country club is part of the network, which provides you with the same benefits.

Check on your ClubCorp status before arriving on the Cape because The Ridge Club is well worth playing during your vacation. Your membership includes free club rentals, too.

Sandwich's Most Exclusive Club

No matter where your vacation rental is situated, you can head to The Ridge Club and spend your time on a scenic course with access to a pool, tennis, and fine dining.

Whether you have friends or family with memberships or you're a part of the ClubCorp Network, The Ridge Club provides an inviting atmosphere and is a great way to escape the Cape's crowds.

Cape Cod Golfing Golf Ridge Club Sandwich

The Cape Cod Golf Scene
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, July 9, 2018

Golfing on Cape Cod

If you’re planning to hit the links during your Cape Cod vacation, you should know a little bit about why the region is such a golf hotbed. It was truly a perfect storm that created the landscape, both physical and social, that led to the development of so many golf courses throughout the Cape.

You see, without the rolling hills found all over Cape Cod, the terrain might be a bit boring and, therefore, the courses wouldn’t be at the same level. The rolling hills were formed during the last ice age, about 15,000 years ago, when the glaciers retreated. The process is similar to how the kettle ponds were created all over the Cape, as it was the same geological process.

From a social point of view, it is Cape Cod’s proximity to Boston and its emerging golf scene during the Victorian era that led to so many golf courses being built. Basically, people in Boston loved to golf at that time, and the Cape was, and remains, a popular vacation destination for people from Boston, so it made sense to construct the courses.

The end result is that Cape Cod has one of the country’s best golf scenes, with 27 public and 15 private facilities, which is a considerable amount for such a small area. For our purposes, we’ll look at some of the top public golf courses on Cape Cod that you can tee off from within a short distance of your vacation rental.


Cranberry Valley Golf Course

Cranberry Valley Golf Course is a par 72 course that is set in a heavily wooded area in Harwich. You can play the course at a variety of different lengths, making it possible for less skilled players to enjoy a round. The course is 18 holes with a few par-fives sprinkled in, providing variety, and is also a very scenic course thanks to the surrounding forest.

Rates vary at Cranberry Valley, depending on the month and time of day you choose to play. You can find lower prices if you play in the afternoon or during the week. There is an on-site driving range at the course, as well.


Blue Rock Golf Course

If you're more of a beginner, Blue Rock Golf Course in South Yarmouth might be for you because it is a par-three course with holes ranging between 103 and 255 yards in length. According to Golf Magazine, the course is one of the top 10 par-three courses in the world, thanks to its wooded setting and water holes. In fact, the course's ninth hole, which is 169 yards long over water, has been called one of the top 18 holes on Cape Cod.

There are a variety of green fee rates found at Blue Rock, with pre or post season rounds generally being cheaper. You can find deals during the high season if you golf in the evening, and the course has a deal where your lunch is $10 with the purchase of a green fee.


Highland Golf Links

In Truro, the Highland Golf Links are well worth checking out. This is the oldest course on Cape Cod, dating back to 1892, and sits atop a bluff that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The course is also next to Cape Cod Light, providing spectacular views. As a traditional links course, Highland Golf has deep rough and open fairways, creating a challenging, yet scenic, round. The course is only nine holes, but you can play it twice at a discounted rate to make up 18.

The course charges the same rate no matter the season or time of day, although junior players can receive a discounted price. Club rentals are available at the course at the cost of $20 for 18 holes.


The Cape Club

Those who really love golf must play a round at The Cape Club in Falmouth, as it has been rated as one of the top public courses in New England. The Cape Club is a championship-level course that has been completely renovated in recent years, creating better views, wider fairways, and making it into an altogether more playable course. In the coming years, a pool and spa will be added to the resort, turning it into a full-day venue for the entire family.

The pricing for a round at The Cape Club is dynamic, so it changes continually based on availability. Generally, prices will be lowest after 4 PM, but you can find lower rates during the day if you book early or wait until the last minute to fill a cancellation.


Cape Cod Country Club

Despite its name, Cape Cod Country Club is a public course. In fact, it's one of the best courses on Cape Cod and was called one of the best places in the country to play by Golf Digest magazine. This championship-level course has a unique layout that creates a fun, yet challenging round, as it sits along Coonamessett Pond but meanders into wooded areas, as well. Overall, the course is 6,404 yards in length and is a par 71, but beginners can start from the white tees to make it more playable for them.

If you're able to golf at Cape Cod Country Club during the week, you can assure yourself of finding the lowest rates. In addition, after 4 PM you can play unlimited rounds until close for a low price, even on weekends.

As you can see, the golf scene on Cape Cod is diverse, as you’ll find courses of all lengths and difficulty levels. Even if you don’t plan to bring your clubs to your Cape Cod vacation rental, you’ll be able to rent a set at most of these courses.

Take the time to learn about the golf courses on Cape Cod before arriving on your vacation to ensure you’re aware of the best clubs to match your skill level. With so many choices available, Cape Cod makes the perfect destination for a golf vacation this summer.

Blue Rock Golf Course Cape Cod Country Club Cape Cod Golfing Cranberry Valley Golf Course Golf Highland Golf Links The Cape Club

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