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The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Falmouth, Massachusetts
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Thursday, July 8, 2021

You'll want to get every day off on the right foot during your Cape Cod vacation, and for many, it all begins with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Of course, reserving a vacation rental allows you to brew a pot at your leisure without having to leave the property, but there's something to be said for wandering a few of the Cape's towns and experiencing some local coffee shops.

Falmouth has numerous options when seeking that first cup of the day, including chains and local shops.

Here's a look at five of the best places to get a cup of coffee, or grab breakfast, in Falmouth, MA.

1) Daily Brew Coffee House

You'll find the Daily Brew Coffee House at the north end of Falmouth, right where the town meets Bourne. The vibe here is laidback and mellow, making it an excellent place to stop at first thing in the morning.

Daily Brew serves Jim's Organic Coffee, both hot and frozen, and has a selection of specialty drinks include its caramel latte, cappuccino, cafe latte, cocoa java, and cafe au lait. You can also add flavor shots to your coffee or grab a smoothie.

If you're in the mood for a full meal, a variety of sandwiches and wraps are available at Daily Brew, as well.

2) Talk of the Town Diner

Another venue in North Falmouth is called Talk of the Town Diner, a small restaurant in the North Falmouth Shopping Center. This diner is open for breakfast and lunch, with locals appreciating its coffee and other early morning offerings.

There's nothing necessarily unique about the coffee at Talk of the Town, but it usually comes with a delicious home-style meal in a friendly atmosphere.

You can get tea, hot chocolate, or a smoothie at the diner, as well.

3) Coffee Obsession

Fortunately for visitors to Cape Cod, Coffee Obsession has two locations: one in downtown Falmouth and another in Woods Hole. Coffee is the name of the game at both of these shops, as you can grab an espresso, macchiato, Americano, cappuccino, cocoa java, or cafe au lait, to name a few options.

Coffee Obsession also serves traditional drip coffee and has an extensive tea menu that is worth checking out if you're in the mood for something a little different.

The Woods Hole cafe has a full kitchen, too, so you can choose a breakfast to enjoy in-house or take it back to your vacation rental with you.

4) The Black Dog Heights Cafe

The Black Dog is a Martha's Vineyard-based chain with multiple locations on Cape Cod, in addition to Nantucket, Wareham, Newport, Rhode Island, and Mystic, Connecticut. The Falmouth location is called The Black Dog Heights Cafe, and it features an extensive breakfast and lunch menu that's sure to keep you coming back. It also enjoys an outstanding location on Falmouth Harbor, which is an excellent place for a walk in the morning.

The coffee menu at The Black Dog Heights Cafe includes both hot and iced options. You'll also find espresso, mocha latte, Americano, cappuccino, and tea available at the restaurant.

There's a lovely patio at The Black Dog Heights Cafe, and while you can't quite see the harbor from this outdoor area, it's just a short wander away before or after your visit.

5) Cape Cod Bagel Cafe

The Cape Cod Bagel Cafe is a counter-service establishment with a courtyard patio and a decent breakfast menu. As its name suggests, the restaurant focuses on bagels, but you can also get wraps, soups, salads, and sandwiches in the afternoon.

There's an on-site bakery at the Cape Cod Bagel Cafe, and they have a coffee bar featuring most of the basic items you'd want to drink in the morning. Their drip coffee comes from New England Coffee, as do their iced java offerings. You'll also find various types of tea on their menu.

As a bonus, you can buy a box of coffee at the Cape Cod Bagel Cafe, too. This box makes it easy for you to return to your vacation rental with enough java to keep the entire household happy.

Enjoy Your Coffee on the Cape

You'll have a few mornings to explore Falmouth's various coffee shops on your Cape Cod vacation, allowing you to try all of these venues if you wish to do so.

However, you might just find that the first one you visit is your favorite, and it could become an early morning staple as you spend time on the Cape.

Cape Cod is full of fantastic local businesses to visit during your time here, so make sure you get out there and give some of them a try.

Coffee Coffee Shops Falmouth

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Chatham, Massachusetts
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Thursday, May 13, 2021

Vacations and coffee seem to go hand-in-hand, as late nights often leave you seeking a little pick-me-up first thing in the morning. The great thing about spending your holiday in a Cape Cod vacation rental is that you'll have a coffeemaker in the kitchen, so heading out in search of a cup isn't always necessary.

Of course, trying new things might be one of the main reasons you're taking a vacation in the first place, so you might find yourself wandering downtown Chatham looking for coffee shops that locals seem to frequent.

The good news is that Chatham, MA, has no shortage of places to grab a good cup of coffee, so here's a look at five of the town's best.

1) Monomoy Coffee

If you're lucky enough to secure a vacation rental near Chatham's Main Street, you're never more than a few steps from a great coffee shop. This area is also highly walkable, making it the perfect place for an early-morning stroll.

One of the most popular venues for locals is the Monomoy Coffee Company, a tiny shop near Little Mill Pond with everything you could want in the morning.

For starters, they serve coffee roasted in Mashpee by Cape Cod Coffee. This coffee is available hot or iced, and they have Americano, espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, and cafe au lait.

You can also turn your visit into an entire meal thanks to their breakfast menu featuring smoothies, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches. If you arrive a little later in the day, sandwiches and wraps are available for lunch.

As a bonus, you can grab coffee beans by the pound so you can brew a local cup at your vacation rental the following morning.

2) Chatham Village Cafe and Bakery

Just off the north end of Main Street on Crowell Road is the Chatham Village Cafe and Bakery, a popular family-friendly venue with a lot to offer in the morning.

As the name suggests, this cafe serves various baked goods, including bread, donuts, rolls, cakes, pastries, and pies, all of which are made on-site. If you're coming in for breakfast or lunch, the Chatham Village Cafe and Bakery has you covered.

The cafe also has one of the Cape's most extensive coffee menus, featuring lattes, cappuccinos, mocha lattes, Americanos, espressos, and drip coffees. Multiple iced coffees are available, as well.

Or, if you're in the mood for something a little different, they have a specialty menu featuring coffees you've probably never even heard of before, making every visit to the Chatham Village Cafe and Bakery a unique experience.

3) Chatham Village Market

Although it isn't what you'd expect in a traditional coffee shop, the Chatham Village Market has that element to it. First and foremost, this venue is a grocery store. However, it also has an on-site bakery with freshly-brewed coffee, so you can grab a cup and some breakfast while doing your early-morning grocery shopping.

One of the best things about the Chatham Village Market is that they serve B-Side Coffee, which is roasted right in Chatham. You can also grab this coffee by the bag, ensuring you wake up every morning to a cup of the town's finest brew.

The Chatham Village Market sits on Main Street and opens every morning at 7:00 AM, ensuring you don't have to wait for your cup of coffee.

4) Dunkin Donuts

No trip to Massachusetts would be complete without stopping by Dunkin' Donuts at least once. Although downtown Chatham doesn't have a Dunkin', there's one on Main Street in West Chatham that is easily accessible from vacation rentals in that area.

Once inside, you'll see all the items you'd expect to find at a Dunkin' location, including donuts, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, wraps, iced coffee drinks, and, of course, hot coffee. You can also grab bags of packaged coffee or K-cup pods for your vacation rental, should you want to enjoy another cup of their famous coffee the following day.

5) Chatham Perk

Not to be outdone, North Chatham has a famous coffee shop called the Chatham Perk. This small shop has a diverse menu featuring sandwiches, paninis, and baked goods. There's also a juice and smoothie bar and outdoor seating for warmer mornings. You can grab lunch there, too, if you're a little slow getting away from the vacation rental first thing.

As for the coffee, the Chatham Perk offers multiple options from Cape Cod Coffee, both by the cup or bag, and they have specialty items like cold brews, iced mocha lattes, and chai lattes.

Choosing Your Coffee in Chatham

The great thing about these Chatham coffee shops is that they all sell bags of beans that you can take back to your vacation rental or even bring home with you. That way, you can spend your mornings relaxing without worrying about where you'll find your first cup of the day.

Of course, since you can grab breakfast at all of these venues, you might find yourself wandering Main Street, West Chatham, or North Chatham, enjoying these local favorites.

Chatham Coffee Coffee Shops

The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Orleans, Massachusetts
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Tuesday, January 5, 2021

photo of coffee

Mornings on your Cape Cod vacation are always relaxing. Your routine could include meandering on one of the region's countless beaches or renting a bike and riding on a scenic paved path.

Of course, before getting to your early-morning activities, a cup of coffee and some breakfast are in order.

Local coffee shops are prevalent all over the Cape, so you shouldn't struggle to find a preferred spot to make part of your daily ritual.

Here's a look at some of the best coffee shops you'll find in downtown Orleans, Massachusetts.

1) Hot Chocolate Sparrow

Hot Chocolate Sparrow enjoys a convenient location on Old Colony Way in the heart of downtown Orleans. It's steps from Main Street and Route 6A, making it easily accessible, and there is even direct access to the Cape Cod Rail Trail across the street.

Buying a coffee at Hot Chocolate Sparrow is easy because it has two sides: a cafe and a candy shop. You can grab a self-serve coffee from the candy shop if you're in a hurry, or there's a line-up, or you can go to the coffee shop side if you don't mind waiting.

The coffee shop also has light breakfast items like bagels, sandwiches, biscotti, muffins, oatmeal, cereal, and croissants, in addition to cake, pie, and ice cream desserts.

As for the coffee, you'll find a wide selection of blends and single-bean options from around the world, many of which are organic. There are iced coffees, hot chocolates, and various teas available, too, and the cafe is known for its specialty coffee items, including its espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, and mocha.

2) Jo Mama's

Over on Route 6A is Jo Mama's, another local coffee shop that focuses more on the food than Hot Chocolate Sparrow. Here, you can create a breakfast sandwich using the dozens of ingredients they have on hand or order a breakfast bagel, smoothie, omelet sandwich, or breakfast sandwich. They also have soup and salad if you arrive later in the day.

Jo Mama's doesn't have as many coffee options as Hot Chocolate Sparrow, but you'll still find about half a dozen self-serve options and an espresso bar with hot, cold, and frozen items.

You can choose to sit-in or take-out at Jo Mama's, depending on where you're heading next that morning.

3) Ice Cream Cafe

Toward the north end of downtown on Route 28 is the Ice Cream Cafe. As you might expect, this venue sells homemade ice cream, and lots of it, including items like ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, frozen yogurt, and milkshakes.

However, you'll have some options if you're looking for a cup of coffee, as the venue sells multiple products roasted by Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Company in Orange, Massachusetts. Their coffee is organic and fair trade, and they also have espresso, cappuccino, mocha, iced coffee, cold brews, teas, and hot chocolate. There are coffee specials with various flavorings, as well.

One potential issue with buying coffee at the Ice Cream Cafe is that they don't open until 11:00 AM in the summer and noon in the shoulder season. Therefore, this is a better place for your second or third cup unless, of course, you sleep-in during your vacation.

4) Hole in One Breakfast and Lunch

The first real breakfast restaurant on this list is Hole in One Breakfast and Lunch, a diner enjoying a central location on Route 6A, just off Main Street.

Here, you can enjoy breakfast favorites like eggs, pancakes, French toast, omelets, sausage, bacon, and breakfast sandwiches, in addition to some of Orleans' best coffee.

In addition to the basic coffee, Hole in One also has espresso, cappuccino, lattes, iced coffees, teas, chai lattes, and a selection of specialty coffee drinks that rotates every month.

You can sit-down with your meal and coffee or grab a quick cup and bagel to-go; the choice is up to you at Hole in One.

5) Cottage Street Bakery

The Cottage Street Bakery shares a parking lot with the Ice Cream Cafe, giving you a couple of different options when searching for a cup of coffee. However, the Cottage Street Bakery opens at 7:00 AM, rather than 11:00, so if you're out and about early, it's probably your better option.

Once inside, you'll see a good selection of muffins, biscotti, and Danishes, which are baked on-site, in addition to omelet sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, croissants, and granola.

The coffee is also roasted in Wellfleet by Beanstock Coffee, an outstanding local company that provides beans up and down the Cape.

Always a Place for a Cup of Coffee

The downtown Orleans area is pretty compact, so all of these coffee shops are within a few blocks of each other. That's good news if you want to sample a few of them during your Cape cod vacation, as you can spend your mornings wandering and comparing brews.

These venues are also close to the Cape Cod Rail Trail, if you want to take a ride or walk after your coffee, and near waterfront locations like Rock Harbor, Nauset Beach, and Skaket Beach. This position makes it possible to spend your mornings overlooking the ocean with a cup of coffee from one of Orleans' best shops.

Coffee Coffee Shops Orleans

The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Harwich, Massachusetts
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, March 30, 2020

photo of cup of coffee

Mornings might be a little bit slower on your Cape Cod vacation, as you won't have to rush out the door to get the kids to school or your self to work.

Instead, you can take it easy, enjoying the early hours of the day, and figuring out how you want to spend the rest of it.

At some point, you'll want to grab a cup of coffee, and while you could make a cup in the kitchen of your vacation rental, it's always nice to stop by a local shop where residents and visitors congregate.

You'll have multiple options from which to choose in Harwich, MA, so here are the town's top five places to grab a cup of coffee.

Perks Coffee Shop & Beer Garden

You'll quickly notice that Perks seems like two businesses in one, as they have a morning atmosphere and something completely different going on at night.

Assuming that you stop by in the morning for a cup of coffee, you'll find beans roasted by Wicked Joe in Brunswick, Maine, and learn that all of their coffee is organic and fair trade.

Perks Coffee Shop is also known for its espressos, iced coffees, and smoothies, so you'll have a lot of variety once you walk through the doors. You can grab a quick breakfast here, too, as they carry sandwiches and full meals at reasonable prices.

And if you want to come by Perks at night, they also have a beer garden, live music, and a raw bar.

Lighthouse Cafe

Over in Northwest Harwich, the Lighthouse Cafe is more of a diner than a coffee shop, but if you're looking for a full, hearty breakfast with your drink, this is the place to go.

The Lighthouse Cape is a throwback to the small, local hidden gems that you likely used to hear about but could never find. Here, you'll find an excellent breakfast meal, and they have a bakery, too, if you want to bring some fresh items back to your vacation rental.

Dunkin' Donuts

You might try to avoid chains while on your Cape Cod vacation, but you can't argue with the convenience and reliability of Dunkin'. As a result, if you're looking for a quick cup of coffee in the morning, you can stop by one of the three stores in Harwich and be back at your vacation rental in a matter of minutes.

Dunkin' is an institution in New England, so it makes sense that you'd come across a few on this part of the Cape. As for the locations, there's one on Main Street in Harwich Port, one on Pleasant Lake Avenue in Harwich Center, and a third on Brewster-Chatham Road in East Harwich. You can also get Dunkin' coffee at the Shell gas station on Brewster-Chatham Road.

Capeside Kitchen

Back on Main Street in Harwich Port is another local institution: the Capeside Kitchen. This local eatery is a popular brunch spot on weekends that also features full breakfast and lunch menus, in addition to some of the Cape's best coffee.

Many visitors to the Capeside Kitchen partake in their mimosa and bloody Marys, so you'll have all kinds of choice when heading here in the morning.

Much like the Lighthouse Cafe, this isn't a place where you'll stop in for a quick cup of coffee, but rather a location to spend a big chunk of your morning, so plan accordingly if you're stopping by.


Yes, Starbucks is another chain on this list, but sometimes familiarity is a good thing while on vacation. Unlike other parts of the country, you won't find Starbucks on every corner of Cape Cod.

There are a few, however, including the one inside the Stop & Shop at Harwich Commons in East Harwich.

The good news is that this particular Starbucks retains its small-town feel, likely due to its position inside a grocery store in a quieter part of the Cape. It's also important to note that this cafe doesn't open until the rest of the store does at 7:30 AM, so it's not the best choice for early risers.

Make the Most of Your Cape Cod Mornings

No matter how you want to spend your mornings on your Cape Cod vacation, you'll have options in Harwich, Massachusetts. Once you book a vacation rental in this quintessential Cape Cod town, have a look at the coffee and breakfast options available to you, and you won't be disappointed.

There's always something happening on the Cape, and even if you like getting up early on your vacation, you'll likely find a place with like-minded people open for business.

Capeside Kitchen Coffee Coffee Shops Harwich Lighthouse Cafe Perks Coffee

The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Barnstable
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, November 25, 2019

Coffee Shops in Barnstable

As the sun comes up on each morning of your Cape Cod vacation, finding that perfect cup of coffee is essential.

Sure, you could brew a cup yourself in your vacation rental, but maybe you want to get out to explore the Cape and try some local coffee shops.

But with so many choices, where do you go?

In Barnstable, locals definitely have their favorites, so here are the top five coffee shops in Cape Cod’s only city.

1) Nirvana Coffee Company

Located on Main Street in the heart of Barnstable Village, Nirvana Coffee Company is a must-visit during your Cape Cod vacation.

For starters, the coffee shop sits in a converted, historic house, which is reason enough to want to go inside for a cup.

In addition, Nirvana Coffee Company has some of the Cape's best brews, along with breakfast sandwiches, a lunch menu, and iced drinks to enjoy on warmer days.

In short, Nirvana offers everything you could ever want from a coffee shop, and the friendly atmosphere and historic venue just add to its charming vibe.

2) Marylou's Coffee

Located right along Iyannough Road in Hyannis, Marylou's Coffee is almost impossible to miss because of its bright pink decor. As you drive past, you're sure to see the pink sign, and once you head inside, you'll see that their commitment to pink continues there, as well.

Marylou's Coffee is a chain with locations all over Massachusetts, including a second Cape Cod store in Sandwich. It has become a local favorite in Hyannis, however, because it serves perhaps the best coffee in town, in addition to iced drinks, smoothies, teas, and seasonal favorites.

Of course, if you're looking for a quick meal in the morning, you'll find pastries, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and donuts at Marylou's Coffee, too. You can also take a bag of coffee back to your vacation rental, so you don't have to head out the next morning to find the perfect cup of coffee.

3) Pain D'Avignon Restaurant Boulangerie

Pain D'Avignon is a little different from the other venues on this list because it's both a bakery and a restaurant. If you show up in the morning between 7:00 and 11:00 AM, Pain D'Avignon has a coffee shop vibe to it, with a variety of French-style breakfasts available, in addition to fresh pastries and coffee.

On Sundays, the restaurant serves brunch between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, as well.

Then, in the evenings, Pain D'Avignon becomes a French bistro offering some of the Cape's best cuisine.

When stopping by for a coffee in the morning, you'll quickly see why Pain D'Avignon is so popular, and its location near the Cape Cod Mall makes it easily accessible throughout your time in Barnstable.

4) The Daily Paper

There are two The Daily Paper location in Hyannis: one on Main Street near the harbor and another on West Main Street beside the Barnstable Performing Arts Center.

Both locations are open from 6:00 AM until 2:00 PM Monday through Saturday, with reduced hours on Sundays, and both are known for their classic coffee shop atmosphere.

The coffee at The Daily Paper is from Beanstock Coffee Roasters of Wellfleet, so you know you're getting something local every time you visit. They also try to source as much of their food locally as possible.

Speaking of the food, The Daily Paper has an extensive breakfast menu featuring just about anything you could ever want in the morning, and they have a lunch menu, too.

If you're in the Hyannis area, it's worth stopping by this local favorite for a quick cup of coffee or an entire meal.

5) Starbucks

Yes, this is just another franchise in the international Starbucks chain, but people in Barnstable love it for one simple reason: they know what to expect.

If you're a fan of Starbucks, there won't be any surprises here, as you can order the same menu items that you enjoy at home, so you're not taking a risk with your morning coffee.

The main Starbucks in Barnstable sits on Iyannough Road, just outside the Cape Cod Mall, but there is another store inside the mall, as well.

There's no reason why your Cape Cod vacation should prevent you from getting your Starbucks fix, and, luckily, Barnstable has you covered.

Coffee and More

As you can tell, Barnstable has a variety of coffee shops, with each having a different atmosphere and a unique way of doing things. 

If you’re into enjoying a local cup of coffee with a diner-style meal, you’re in luck.

Likewise, if you’d rather have the same coffee that you order at home, Cape Cod has options for you, as well.

The good news is that you can try a different coffee shop every day in Barnstable because there are so many from which to choose.

Barnstable Coffee Coffee Shops Marylous Nirvana Pain Davignon Starbucks The Daily Paper

Is Coffee Roasted on Cape Cod?
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, August 19, 2019

You surely love your morning coffee, but are you keeping it as local as possible? cape cod coffee

While the climate on Cape Cod isn't right for growing coffee beans, a variety of shops now roast bean locally, giving you access to the freshest coffee available.

So, in short, yes, coffee is roasted on the Cape, and here are some retailers who do it, in addition to information on where to buy these fantastic products.


Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters

Ever since Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters opened its doors in 2005, it has been dedicated to roasting and serving ethically sourced beans from around the world. Today, the retailer has two locations - Main Street Chatham and Main Street Brewster - both of which serve coffee, espresso, cappuccino, tea, matcha, hot chocolate, and much more.

If you're unable to get to one of the shops, you can pick up a bag of coffee at retailers like the Organic Market in Dennis Port or Mashpee, Salty Market in Truro, and Main Street Wine & Gourmet in Orleans. Various restaurants and cafes, including Clean Slate Eatery, The Coonamessett Inn, 361 Coffee and Espresso Bar, and the Brewster Fish House, also serve their products.

The coffee is available for online order and delivery, as well.


Cape Cod Coffee

The most prominent coffee roaster on the Cape is none other than Cape Cod Coffee, which has three retail locations - Mashpee Commons, Mashpee Main Street, and Barnstable Airport - and is available for purchase at restaurants and shops all over the Cape. You can even grab a cup of their brew as far away as New York City.

Cape Cod Coffee offers 12 different types of beans, including organic, blueberry, and pumpkin spice, and you can even purchase single-serving C-cups to take home with you.

You can also order online, take a tour of the roasting facility, and pick up a gift basket for the coffee lover in your life.

The Mashpee Commons location is now open for breakfast and lunch, as well, as Cape Cod Coffee is well on its way to becoming a must-visit destination on the Cape.


Three Fins

Aesthetically, it's tough to beat Three Fins Coffee Roasters and Mercantile in West Dennis. After all, the Main Street building is spectacular, featuring 28-foot ceilings with exposed beams, which create a modern look and a warm atmosphere. Three Fins is open from 7 AM until 5 PM every day, giving you more than enough opportunity to pop in for a drink.

If you fall in love with the coffee here, you can pick up a bag to take home with you. They have sampler packs available, as well, so you can try out six different roasts to find out which you like best. Online ordering is an option if you're unable to make it to their shop.

A bonus at Three Fins is that you can watch the coffee being roasted. This perk allows you to see a bit of the process behind making coffee, including the small-batch roasting technique used here.


Beanstock Coffee Roasters

You'll notice that Beanstock Coffee Roasters is a little different from the other coffee-based businesses on Cape Cod because it isn't a coffee shop that roasts beans for its own drinks; it's a coffee bean wholesaler.

Luckily, dozens of businesses on the Cape sell the products from Beanstock Coffee Roasters, so they easy items to get your hands on.

For example, you can sample these beans at local restaurants like Mac's Shack in Wellfleet, Rock Harbor Grill in Orleans, Jimmy's Hideaway in Provincetown, Capeside Kitchen in Harwich, and the Brewster Fish House, just to name a few. It's also possible to pick up a bag of roasted beans from retailers like the Barnstable Market, Bean & Cod in Falmouth, Corner Store in Chatham, Nauset Farms in Orleans, and Whole Foods in Hyannis.

You can order their products online and have them delivered, as well.

Beanstock Coffee Roasters is committed to selling organic, fair trade products, and brings its beans in from all over South America and Africa.


Keeping Your Coffee Local

Each person has individual preferences when it comes to coffee, so it's nice that Cape Cod has so many local options.

Most of the beans available through these retailers are ethically-sourced and sustainably-grown, with many organic options, so you know you're receiving high-quality products and that the workers are paid a fair wage.

The next time you head out for a cup of coffee or need new beans for the house, give one of these Cape Cod-based businesses a try. You'll surely be happy with your decision once you taste the freshness and quality that they have to offer.

Beanstock Cape Cod Coffee Coffee Coffee Shops Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters Three Fins Coffee Roasters

The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Yarmouth
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

top coffee shops in yarmouth

Vacationing in Yarmouth, Massachussets will provide you with plenty of activities throughout your stay, and you’ll quickly find yourself submerged in local life and all that it has to offer. The next step, of course, is to find out where locals are stopping for a cup of coffee and a quick breakfast, as these shops usually provide not only the best food and java but also the best value on Cape Cod. Here is a list of Yarmouth’s top five coffee shops, with each of them providing a unique quality that could make it easy for you to find your favorite Cape Cod hangout for this year’s trip.


1) The Optimist Cafe

At The Optimist Cafe, you'll not only discover perhaps Yarmouth's best coffee shop but will also have the chance to experience some Cape Cod history. You see, the cafe sits along The Old King's Highway in Yarmouth Port, in a historic Gothic Revival home built by Captain Frederick Howes in 1849. The building is on the National Historic Register, and still contains many original elements, including its spiral staircase, French doors, pine flooring, and massive window. If for no other reason, the antiquity makes this shop worth a visit.

As for the business itself, this is the only restaurant on the Mid-Cape to offer all-day breakfast year round. The breakfast menu is extensive, featuring everything you'd expect at a diner, including homemade waffles, pancakes, and crepes. There are also bakery items available if you're in the mood for something a little simpler. The Optimist Cafe is only open until 3:00 PM, but there is a lunch menu, or you can come for afternoon tea.


2) Bagels & Beyond

We'd forgive you if you drove right past Bagels & Beyond on Main Street in West Yarmouth without even noticing it. The cafe sits in an open area just west of the Antiques Center of Yarmouth and tends to blend in with its surroundings, and the coffee shop's small sign doesn't help matters. Once you're inside, however, you'll be happy that you took the time to find it.

Bagels & Beyond proudly serves New England Coffee, which you can order by the cup or the box if you need a few cups of joe to bring back to your vacation rental. The staff also makes bagels, pastries, and muffins from scratch each morning, and the cream cheese is made in-house, too. If you're in the mood for a more substantial meal, the breakfast sandwiches and burritos are sure to fill the gap.


3) Caffè Gelato Bertini

You'll find something a little different at Caffè Gelato Bertini, as this is an Italian-style shop with 24 flavors of gelato, six types of sorbetto, and a variety of coffee drinks. The business recently moved from Pearl Street in Hyannis to South Street in South Yarmouth, and now shares a building with Great Island Bakery, another outstanding local business.

The staff at Caffè Gelato Bertini make everything the Italian way. The owners have brought ingredients, recipes, and equipment from across the ocean to provide an authentic European experience on Cape Cod. Although they aren't open early in the morning, which might be a disappointment for some coffee lovers, you'll want to give one of their brews a try, particularly the espresso. Keep in mind that Caffè Gelato Bertini is only open from May through October.


4) Scapicchio's Bakery

While we’re discussing European-inspired coffee shops on Cape Cod, let’s look at Scapicchio's Bakery, an authentic Italian-style cafe offering house-made bread and pasties, and some of the Cape’s best coffee. The bakery opens at 7:00 AM every morning, except for Mondays when it's closed, making it an ideal place for the early riser to head for a quick breakfast and a cup of java.

Scapicchio's Bakery hasn’t been open for very long, but it has already built a tremendous following among locals and visitors alike, indicating that this family-run business will be around for years to come. The building is also incredibly easy to find, since it sits on Route 28 in South Yarmouth, right across the street from Skull Island at Bass River Sports World. It's a busy area, and you'll see that the bakery fills up early in the morning, but everything about this place makes it worth the wait.


5) Dunkin' Donuts

Yes, it’s a chain that doesn’t provide the same Cape Cod experience as other venues on this list. But, there are three Dunkin’ Donuts in South Yarmouth and two more in West Yarmouth, so pretty much everyone in town has visited a time or two, and people seem to love their coffee.

The attraction of Dunkin' Donuts is the convenience, as they have three shops on Route 28, another on East Main Street, just off Route 28, and one on Station Avenue near Yarmouth Shopping Center. All of these stores feature on-the-go mobile ordering so that you can have your coffee waiting for you upon arrival, and most have a drive-thru, as well. When you’re in a hurry, Dunkin’ Donuts in your best bet.


Try One or Try Them All

Since all of these coffee shops are relatively close to one another, you’d easily have time to sample each of them on your Cape Cod vacation.

Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee, some baked goods, a full meal, or some ice cream, these cafes have you covered during your time in Yarmouth.

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The Top 5 Bakeries in Barnstable
| Monday, January 7, 2019

As the largest community on Cape Cod, with a population of about 45,000 and including villages like Hyannis, Cotuit, Marston Mills, Centerville, and Osterville, it makes sense that Barnstable would have a plethora of dining venues. Included with these eateries are the city's bakeries, of which the area has a wide selection from which to choose.

All of these bakeries serve food, but for the purposes of this list, we're looking at the venues with the best made-on-site baked goods in Barnstable. Make sure you head out and try some of these bakeries during your time on the Mid Cape because most of them only have one location and all of them are outstandingly delicious.

1) Pain D'AvignonPain d'Avignon pastries in Hyannis on Cape Cod Massachusetts.

On Hinckley Road in Hyannis, a few blocks from Cape Cod Mall, you'll find Pain D'Avignon, a restaurant and bakery with some of the Cape's most sought-after baked goods. The bakery has a philosophy where it focuses on using traditional breadmaking methods without the use of preservatives or artificial ingredients. The result is that every loaf has a distinctly European flavor and is meant to be the centerpiece of your dining experience, rather than a complementary afterthought. The products sold at Pain D'Avignon are also available at the Chatham Farmer’s Market, Dewey Square Farmer's Market, Hingham Farmer's Market, and Provincetown Farmer's Market during the high season, so if you can’t get to the bakery, you can still enjoy its goods.

2) Morning Glory Cafe

Over in Marston Mills, Morning Glory Cafe has an exceptional reputation because of the bread, cookies, bagels, muffins, and croissants they make on-site daily. The bakery, which is located on Cotuit Road, also serves a quiche of the day, in addition to breakfast burritos, sandwiches, soups, wraps, and salads. Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, a cup of coffee, or some baked goods to go, Morning Glory Cafe is a great option that sits just off Route 28 and is a definite favorite of many locals.

3) Casual Gourmet

The Casual Gourmet in Centerville is widely known for its wedding catering. In fact, it has won numerous awards for its catering and is perhaps the top choice in this regard on all of the Cape. This locally owned and operated company not only makes delectable wedding cakes but provides the entire catering experience for events of all sizes. At the same time, you can pop into the storefront on Richardson Road for breakfast, lunch, coffee, or some baked goods, as well as order ahead if you're in search of a custom cake or meal for a large group. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or need food for an event, the Casual Gourmet has you covered.

4) Lorena Bakery & Cafe

Sitting in a prime location on Main Street near Hyannis Harbor, Lorena Bakery & Cafe is a must-visit when you're in the area. This cafe serves breakfast, including sandwiches and waffles, all day, and features a selection of bread and pastries that are baked on-site. You can also pick up some homemade granola or have a wrap, salad, or sandwich for lunch. Lorena Bakery & Cafe has extended hours in comparison to other cafes on this list, so you can even head down for dessert after dinner in the summer. When you’re exploring the harborfront area or stopping at the nearby John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum, this bakery is the perfect place to pop in for a meal or a snack.

5) Panera Bread

Located in Capetown Plaza on Iyannough Road, Panera Bread is easily accessible, keeps long hours, and allows for online ordering. While this bakery is part of a national chain, it belongs on this list because the bread is baked on-site daily using fresh dough that is delivered each morning. You can buy bread by the loaf at Panera Bread, in addition to pre-made sandwiches, soup, bagels, sweets, muffins, smoothies, pasta, flatbread, and salad. In short, this is the type of place that you can head for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on any day of the week.

6) Centerville Pie CompanyCenterville Pie Blueberry Pie. Centerville, MA on Cape Cod.

This list could not be considered complete without mentioning The Centerville Pie Company. This pie company has been making headlines since they opened their doors almost a decade ago. Their pie shop is located on Route 28 in Centerville and they distribute pies throughout the Cape and off Cape through many local stores.

Some of their signiture pies include their now famous Chicken Pie, Clam Pie, Lobster Pie, Vegetarian Pie and other "Savory Pies". After your main course, you can enjoy some of their fruit pies (apple, blueberry, cranberry, peach, pumpkin and more) or some ice cream pie. They even make a mean Pecan Pie and a tasty Key Lime Pie.

The Best of Barnstable

Small, family-run bakeries thrive in Barnstable, as there is clearly a market for fresh, locally-baked bread throughout the community. During your Cape Cod vacation, you might consider skipping the grocery store bread and picking up some made-on-the-Cape baked goods to keep at your vacation rental all week long.

You can’t beat the quality of these bakeries in Barnstable because if they’re on this list, it means the people of Cape Cod love what they’re cooking up.

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The Top 5 Coffee Shops on the Outer Cape
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Friday, December 14, 2018


Do you love a hot cup of coffee in the morning? How about an iced latte in the afternoon on a hot summer’s day? What about a quick breakfast or snack with your drink before heading to the beach? The Outer Cape has many options if you're searching for any of those things, and even if you're visiting in the off-season, you’ll still have options because most of the top five coffee shops in the area stay open during the winter.

Here are the best coffee shops for you to check out from your vacation rental on the Outer Cape:

1) Wired Puppy in Provincetown

Located on Commercial Street in the heart of downtown Provincetown, Wired Puppy Specialty Coffee & Tea gets a lot of traffic all summer long. Visitors and locals alike make sure they stop by this coffee shop not only for a cup of java but also their specialty drinks, including iced coffees, along with the atmosphere that only central Ptown can provide.

In addition to drinks, Wired Puppy has baked good, smoothies, and oatmeal for breakfast, so if you're out and about on your way to Herring Cove Beach, MacMillan Pier, Race Point Lighthouse, or any other local attraction, you can stop in for a quick bite. Unlike some other businesses in the heart of Provincetown, this shop is open year round, making it an option in any season.


2) Savory & the Sweet Escape in Truro

It might seem a little strange to see Savory & the Sweet Escape on this list since it is so much more than just a coffee shop. That's precisely the reason for its inclusion, however, as you can indulge in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or try some of the best homemade ice cream, cupcakes, pies, and other desserts available anywhere on the Cape.

The coffee at Savory & the Sweet Escape is also memorable, as it is roasted locally by Beanstock Coffee & Espresso. You won't find fresher coffee anywhere, so make sure you head up Route 6 and give them a try the next time you're in the mood for a coffee, and so much more. This business is open 12 months a year, giving you plenty of chances to do so, and is easily accessible from the Cape Cod National Seashore, making it the perfect place to visit before or after a day in the sun.


3) Joe Coffee & Café in Provincetown

Even though it's only open between the middle of May and the end of October, Joe's Coffee & Café belongs on this list because people line up outside for a coffee, hot chocolate, cider, or tea at its Commercial Street location almost every day during the summer. Some of the favorites on the menu include Joe's blend, the red eye, the chai latte, and the wide selection of iced coffees and teas.

You can also grab breakfast at Joe's, with bagels, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches prepared every morning. Perhaps the best part about Joe's is that you can buy beans by the pound. So if you fall in love with the coffee, you'll have the chance to take some home with you.


4) The Flying Fish in Wellfleet

OK, so The Flying Fish sounds like it should be a seafood restaurant and you'd be forgiven if you're confused by the name. In actuality, this is a cafe that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the summer and from 7:00 AM until 2:00 PM with a limited menu in the winter. Breakfast in the summer has everything you could imagine, including eggs, omelets, pancakes, and breakfast burritos, while the winter menu is made up of baked goods from the in-house Wildflour Bakery and, of course, coffee.

The coffee here comes from Wellfleet's own Beanstock Coffee Company, with cappuccino, espresso, tea, and various iced drinks also available. The cafe is a little off the beaten path, as it sits north of downtown Wellfleet on Briar Lane, but that's a good thing if you're looking for a quiet place to enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage, especially when sitting in their garden seating area.


5) PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet

Remaining in Wellfleet, we have PB Boulangerie, a famous bakery that sits right by the trailhead of the Cape Cod Rail Trail. We say it's famous because Outer Cape residents know all about PB Boulangerie and its astounding array of treats and baked goods, and you will too after taking your Cape Cod vacation. PB Boulangerie offers a wide selection of patisserie, viennoiserie, and bread for you to enjoy, and the chef makes everything from scratch right there in the building.

The bakery is open between Wednesday and Sunday from 7 AM until 6 PM, and you can place online orders a couple of days in advance if you need a large number of baked goods. One of the most ordered items at this location is the Bonne Journee, which is a breakfast made up of a cup of coffee and a croissant. You can enjoy this simple, yet delicious, meal outside the venue in front of a roaring fire first thing in the morning, creating the perfect start to your day.


Head for Coffee in the Morning

You might not want to head out for coffee or breakfast every morning during your vacation, but it’s nice to know that you’ve got some great options on the Outer Cape. You really can't go wrong with any of these cafes because their coffee is excellent and the atmosphere in each business epitomizes everything that makes Cape Cod an exceptional place to visit.

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