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Taking a Tour of the Cape Cod Potato Chips Factory
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, December 16, 2019

Cape Cod  Potato Chips

There's no doubt that your Cape Cod vacation will be full of outstanding activities, but what about slowing things down and taking a quick tour?

The Cape Cod Potato Chips factory in Hyannis provides free, self-guided tours of its operations, allowing you to see how these famous chips are made and to walk away with a free bag to enjoy later.

Tours like this might be a little different from what you expected from your vacation to the Cape, but they're an excellent way to see another side of the area, and to try some local food, as well.

Here's what you need to know about Cape Cod Potato Chips.

The Brand's History

Cape Cod Potato Chips dates back to 1980 when brothers Steve and Jude Bernard found that there was a lack of healthy snack food on the market and decided to begin making kettle-cooked chips. Their original operation was tiny, as they had an 800-square-foot storefront in Hyannis and next to no experience in the industry.

The first year of business was extremely lean, and the brothers had no idea if they'd be able to continue. The following winter, however, a car crashed through their building's front window, and the insurance payment helped keep them afloat until they could find their footing.

The publicity from the car accident helped raise awareness of the brand, and the following summer brought a substantial increase in sales, in addition to some supermarket chains picking up their products.

In 1985, the brothers sold their business to Anheuser-Busch, before Bernard repurchased it in 1996. His second go-round would be a short one, however, as he once again sold the company in 1999, this time to Lance Inc.

Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, Cape Cod Potato Chips is now owned by The Campbell Soup Company, which has led to the brand being available all over North America.

What Cape Cod Potato Chips Has to Offer

We mentioned before that Cape Cod Potato Chips are kettle-cooked, which means that they're made in kettles in small batches using less oil than other methods. This technique creates a healthier snack because the chips aren't dipped in oil and fried like with many other brands.

Starting in 2016, Cape Cod Potato Chips also began the transition to using non-GMO ingredients in their original and reduced-fat original chips.

By using pure, natural ingredients that aren't genetically modified, Cape Cod Potato Chips hopes to create greater transparency in their manufacturing process by letting consumers know exactly what they're eating.

As for the flavors, the company is always coming out with fresh offerings, and when you stop by the factory, you'll have first access to some of their newest products before they hit store shelves.

A Self-Guided Tour

The Cape Cod Potato Chips factory tour is one of the Cape's top attractions, with over 250,000 people visiting every year. The tour allows guests to see how the chips are made, complete with access to the cooking kettles.

You won't need to spend too much time at the factory, as it usually takes about half an hour to walk through the building. The factory was completely renovated in 2019, with the addition of nautical decor, new lighting, and a brand new patio where visitors can enjoy a free taste of Cape Cod's finest chips.

The current factory is located at 100 Breed Hills Road in Hyannis and is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. The tour is completely free, and there is plenty of on-site parking, so you won't have to worry about finding a place to leave your vehicle.

A Nice Way to Spend Some Time on Cape Cod

You'll find plenty of great ways to spend your time during your Cape Cod vacation, but stopping by the Cape Cod Potato Chips factory is free and allows you to samples some snacks before carrying on to your next destination.

The venue is easy to access, as it's just off the Mid-Cape Highway in Hyannis and a short distance north of the Cape Cod Mall, making it ideal for a quick stopover.

When friends and family find out that you've visited the Cape, one thing they're sure to ask is if you tried any Cape Cod Potato Chips. And thanks to this tour, you can tell them that you went straight to the source, and it was delicious.

Cape Cod Potato Chips Hyannis Kids

The Top 5 Fun Places for Kids in Barnstable, Massachusetts
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, December 2, 2019

Cape Cod Kids

When planning a family vacation to Cape Cod, it's essential to keep your kids' interests in mind. After all, you want them to enjoy themselves, too, and spending too much time relaxing on the beach or exploring the historic sites might get a little repetitive for them.

Luckily, Cape Cod is full of child-friendly activities and locations, giving you plenty of ways to keep them busy.

Whether you want a night out with the entire family or to check out the wildlife on a nature walk, you'll have countless options throughout the Cape.

Barnstable is particularly loaded with places to spend time with your children, so here are the top five fun sites for kids in Cape Cod's only city.

1) Ryan's Ten Pin Eatery

When looking for a location that the entire family can enjoy, Ryan's Ten Pin Eatery is at the top of the list because it has a little bit of everything. This venue is, first and foremost, a bowling alley, but it also features an arcade, some escape rooms, laser tag, and a golf simulator to enjoy.

In addition, there is an on-site restaurant where you can feed the family or stop in for drinks while the kids play.

Ryan's Ten Pin Eatery truly is a destination for everyone who is joining you on your Cape Cod vacation, and since it's located at the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis, it's easily accessible from many vacation rentals on the Mid Cape. If you want to keep your kids occupied, they can spend hours at a time at Ryan's Ten Pin Eatery without any trouble whatsoever.

2) Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

The great thing about vacationing on Cape Cod is that not everything has to cost a fortune. Case and point, the Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary in Cummaquid, which provides 2.5 miles of hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities with reasonable rates of $4 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under.

The Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary leads to an area that overlooks Barnstable Harbor, but before you get there, you'll cross meadows filled with butterflies, wander trails through the woods, and even see a working farm with animals. Eventually, you'll get to the sandy beach, where you'll see tidal flats and have a view of Sandy Neck Barrier Beach.

Depending on when you visit, you might even have the chance to participate in an interactive kayak or boat tour into the harbor, ensuring that you get to know as much about this scenic portion of Cape Cod as possible.

3) Cape Codder Water Park

There's a chance that you won't have sun every day of your vacation on the Cape, which is why you'll be happy that the Cape Codder Water Park exists. This park, which is part of the Cape Codder Resort and Spa in Hyannis, has a retractable roof, so when it's raining outside, the roof closes, and you won't have to worry about the weather.

No matter what the weather looks like outside, this park is the place to keep your kids entertained because it features two giant waterslides, two smaller options, a river ride, an area for smaller children, and a wave pool. There are also saunas, hot tubs, change rooms, and a cafe, making the water park a spot where you can spend the entire day.

You'll also be happy to know that the waterpark is open year-round, so if you're visiting the Cape during the off-season, you can still take your children to the waterslides.

4) Steve & Sue's Par-Tee Freeze

Located just outside of downtown Hyannis, on West Main Street, Steve & Sue's Par-Tee Freeze is a great place to spend a few hours with the kids. For starters, this venue has a wide selection of soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt, so it's an excellent choice if you're heading out for dessert.

Or, if you're after something a little more substantial, Steve & Sue's Par-Tee Freeze has a small menu featuring hot dogs, pizza, sandwiches, and, of course, a lobster roll.

The major draw at Steve & Sue's Par-Tee Freeze, however, is the mini-golf course, which provides the perfect place to wind down after a day spent exploring the Cape, or an excellent way to keep the children active after enjoying a hearty lunch.

No matter how you choose to spend your time at Steve & Sue's Par-Tee Freeze, your family is sure to love it.

5) Luke's Love Boundless Playground

For younger children, Luke's Love Boundless Playground gives you the chance to relax while the kids blow off some energy. The park is named after Luke Powers, a baby boy who tragically passed away in 2000. Luke's parents created the Luke Vincent Powers Foundation, a charity that funds opportunities for children in need, in his memory.

On April 5, 2019, the Powers family was able to open Luke's Love Boundless Playground, providing a free place to spend some time in West Barnstable. The park is along Meetinghouse Way, right beside the Lombard Park baseball diamond, and close to both Route 6 and Route 6A.

As for the park itself, it has slides, a climbing wall, some swings, and other playground favorites for your kids to enjoy. It also features a rubber-based floor that prevents injuries. If you're looking for a place to fill a few hours in Barnstable without spending any money, Luke's Love Boundless Playground is worth considering.

Options for Any Budget

As you can see, you don't have to spend a lot of money to keep your kids busy because there are places that you can visit for free or with nominal fees. Or, if you want to find the perfect mix of entertainment for the children and fun for the adults, there are venues offering activities for both.

Barnstable is home to some of the Cape's most bustling villages, and also has excellent beaches, scenic marinas, outstanding shopping, and first-class dining. The city is perfect for kids, too, so make sure you check out some places that they'll appreciate during your Cape Cod vacation.

Barnstable Kids Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary Lukes Love Playground Mini Golf Steve Sues Ten Pin Eatery Water Parks

The Top 5 Fun Places for Kids in Falmouth
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, June 3, 2019


As you first enter Cape Cod over the Bourne Bridge, take Massachusetts Route 28 to the south, and you'll quickly end up in the town of Falmouth, a community with about 30,000 residents, great beaches, and amazing access to the Cape's waterways. In fact, Falmouth has beaches on both Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound, making it the only town on Cape Cod to boast those features.

Those visiting Falmouth with their kids will also love the plethora of available activities in all parts of the town. You'll have no problem keeping your kids occupied because of the following top five fun places for kids in Falmouth.


1) Cataumet Crossing Light Mini Golf

Mini golf is always a hit with the kids and just outside of North Falmouth is where you’ll find Cataumet Crossing Light Mini Golf. The great thing about this venue is that there's more than just mini golf, as they have bumper boats, batting cages, and an assortment of rides for young children. There's also Lazy Sundaes Ice Cream, made at the world famous Richardson's Dairy, so your kids can have a treat after playing in the sun.

Although not officially part of the business, Cataumet Crossing Light Mini Golf shares a parking lot with Daily Brew Coffee House and The Parrot Bar & Grill, allowing you to easily step out for a cup of joe or take the family for dinner at the end of the day.


2) Uncle Bill's Country Store

Just down the North Falmouth Highway from the mini golf place sits Uncle Bill's Country Store, a fascinating location for old and young alike. To be clear, the main reason why your kids will like Uncle Bill's is because of its old fashioned penny candy, but older children might appreciate the handcrafted furniture, ship models, artwork, and jewelry sold there, as well.

This gift shop is attached to the Silver Lounge Restaurant, which is home to one of Cape Cod's best lobster rolls and features an extensive children's menu, so you can easily make a stop by Uncle Bill's after your meal.


3) Shining Sea Bikeway

The Shining Sea Bikeway is a 10.7-mile path that heads through cranberry bogs, marshland, and farms while providing remarkable views of West Falmouth Harbor, Salt Pond, and Oyster Pond. Riding or walking along the path is an excellent activity to do with your kids because it provides free entertainment and allows them to get outdoors for the day. The main parking areas for the path are in North Falmouth and Woods Hole, although you can enter and exit the bikeway in numerous locations along the way.

If bringing the bikes on your Cape Cod vacation is impossible, you can rent from Bike Zone or Art's Bike Rental near the trailhead in North Falmouth or Corner Cycle in downtown Falmouth. Art's Bike Rental has trailer bikes, pull-behind trailers, and bicycle baby seats, while Bike Zone features kids' bike rentals and pull-behind wagons. There are swimming areas, restaurants, washrooms, and information centers as you head along the Shining Sea Bikeway, as well.


4) Woods Hole Aquarium

The Woods Hole area has one of the country's top oceanographic institutions and also features a world-class aquarium to explore with your kids. The aquarium is small but gives children the chance to get up close with and even touch lobsters, clams, small fish, starfish, and shells, while learning about marine mammals, sea turtles, and other species native to the Cape Cod area.

Admission to the Woods Hole Science Aquarium is by donation, and since the venue dates back to 1885, it's the oldest marine aquarium in the entire country.


5) Highfield Hall

Deep in the woods just outside of downtown Falmouth is where you'll find Highfield Hall & Gardens. The hall sits in a restored Victorian home from 1878 and is surrounded by 400 acres of conservation land, providing plenty of space for your kids to wander around and explore. Of particular interest to the young ones are the trails through Beebe Woods and the family-friendly events featuring bands, artists, and activities held through the year.

Highfield Hall & Gardens is open from the middle of April until the end of October every year and is free for kids under 12. Many special events are free for adults, as well, although regular admission is $8 for non-members.


So Many Children’s Activities

The Cape is full of notable things to do with your kids, and if you’re staying in the Falmouth area, you won’t have to travel far to find them.

Cape Cod truly is a destination for the entire family, as there are very few places in the country where you can hike, bike, play mini golf, eat at delicious restaurants, visit the beach, and check out a renowned aquarium over the course of a few days, but that is precisely what you can expect in Falmouth.

Activities Aquarium Bike Paths Biking Country Store Falmouth Highfield Hall Kids Mini Golf Shining Sea Bikeway Whoi Woods Hole Aquarium

Five Fun Things to do with Kids in Brewster
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, March 11, 2019

When traveling with kids, your first inclination is to look for ideas on keeping them occupied and stimulated, both mentally and physically. Luckily, Cape Cod is an all-ages destination with plenty of ways to ensure your children are busy, no matter the season or weather.

The town of Brewster, in particular, is loaded with activities for young kids, teens, and adults alike through its parks, beaches, museums, and entertainment venues. The result is that you'll never run out of things to do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re only on the Cape for a week or plan to spend the better part of your summer here, you can take advantage of everything on this list of the top five activities for children in Brewster.


1. Harbor Lights Mini-Golf

Located on Underpass Road, just off Route 6A, Harbor Lights Mini Golf provides an excellent outing for visitors with kids. The venue is open from 10 AM until 10 PM during the summer, so you can head over whenever you have some time to kill, even for dessert, since 11 different flavors of Gifford’s Ice Cream are available.

The course opens on weekends starting in the middle of April and then operates daily from mid-June through Labor Day weekend. A round of golf costs $8 for adults and $7 for kids 12 and under, making Harbor Lights Mini Golf an affordable way to spend a few hours.

As a bonus, Harbor Lights added new greens in 2018, ensuring everything is in great shape for your next round.


2. Cape Cod Museum of Natural History 

Just because it's the summer holidays doesn't mean your kids should neglect their education, and the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History makes it easy to learn something new while on the Cape. Here, there are exhibits on archaeology, biomimicry, honey bees, birds, butterflies, salt marshes, the Wampanoag people, and Cape Cod's landscape, so your children will return home knowing much more about this unique part of the country than when they arrived. Admission is $15 for ages 13-64, $10 for seniors, $6 for ages three to 12, and free for those two and under.

Or, if you've booked your Cape Cod summer vacation rental well ahead of time (and you should), you can enroll your kids in one of the museum's KidSummer Day Programs. Each session is five days long and between three and six hours each day, depending on the age of the child.

The classes run between late June and the middle of August, teaching students about the relationships found throughout the natural environment, including their personal roles in the eco-system. Since 400 acres of woods, marshes, beaches, brooks, and dunes surround the museum, your kids will have the chance to get up close and personal with these concepts and relationships.


3. Herring Run at the Stony Brook Grist Mill

When visiting the Cape in April or May, you might have the chance to check out one of the world-famous herring runs. The gist is that once temperatures reach the low 50s, herring swim up local streams and rivers, back to the same freshwater bodies where they were born, to spawn the next generation of fish. The exact dates of the migration are never known, since the herring run is weather dependent, but if you're lucky enough to be on Cape Cod when it's taking place, the herring run is something you must experience.

In Brewster, the best place to check out the herring run is the Stony Brook Grist Mill and Museum, which is in the west part of town on Stony Brook Road. The old mill is still in service and is home to an alewife migration every year. The venue features fish ladders and plenty of places to catch the action. Your kids will also marvel at the thousands of seagulls that flock to the area in search of an easy meal.


4. Nickerson State Park

With 19 acres of wilderness, eight freshwater ponds, an eight-mile bike trail, beaches, swimming, basketball courts, a playground, and horseback riding, Nickerson State Park has enough activities that you could spend an entire week there without running out of things to do. The park is just outside of downtown Brewster and even provides easy access to the Cape Cod Rail Trail, should you want to bike, jog, or walk a little further.

While at the park, your kids can swim at Flax Pond and Big Cliff Pond, as they both have small beaches. Sometimes, Jack's Boat Rental has stand-up paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks for rent at Flax Pond, while you can arrange other boat rentals at Big Cliff Pond. If you don't see any rentals available, Jack's storefront is only about 20 minutes away in Wellfleet and will deliver on rentals of three or more days. Parking at Nickerson State Park is $8 for Massachusetts residents and $15 for non-residents per day.


5. Brewster Sand Flats and Bay Beaches

Of course, you could always spend your days with your kids lounging on Brewster's beautiful oceanfront beaches. Brewster has some of the country's most impressive tidal sand flats, and when the tide is out, you can walk a long way out to explore. Your kids will also enjoy the warm, calm water because it makes for a relaxing beach experience.

Breakwater Beach and Crosby Landing Beach are perhaps the best locations to visit with children because the sand is close to the parking lot and there's enough room to find a space of your own. The sand flats also create warm pools of water everywhere. Paines Creek is excellent for younger kids who want to build sandcastles or play with their buckets, while Robbins Hill is a little rockier and, therefore, more so for families with teenagers.

Brewster town beaches require stickers for parking, and they cost $20 per day, $60 for a week, and $150 for the entire season for non-residents. Also, remember that none of the town's beaches on Cape Cod Bay have lifeguards.


Keeping Your Kids Busy

Brewster is a paradise when traveling with children because the beaches and water are so family-friendly, and there are other ventures away from the ocean, as well.

Nowhere else on the Cape has such a diverse selection of activities for your young ones, so be sure to make Brewster one of your stops on your next Cape Cod vacation.

Breakwater Beach Brewster Brewster Brewster Beaches Kids Mini Golf Nickerson State Park

Cape Cod's Top Family-Friendly Activities
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, September 17, 2018

Cape Cod Family Fun


There's something for everyone on Cape Cod, and if you choose to bring the little ones or even teenagers on your vacation, you'll never be short on things to do. Obviously, the Cape is full beaches, bike trails, marinas, hiking paths, and other great family-friendly places, but there are also amusement parks and fun centers for you to enjoy throughout your stay.

When it’s chilly or raining, or if you just want your kids to entertain themselves for a little while, these attractions are a great place to spend a few hours or an entire day. And since you can find an amusement park pretty much anywhere on Cape Cod, you'll never have to travel far to get there.

The following is a list of family fun centers and amusements parks that are waiting for you on Cape Cod.


Water Wizz of Cape Cod

Although it’s technically just off the Cape in Wareham, Water Wizz was the Cape Cod area’s only waterpark until 2018 and brings in roughly 100,000 visitors annually. The park is mostly made up of waterslides, although there is a lazy river and a wave pool, as well. There is also an area with slides and activities for smaller children, should you travel with very young kids.

Water Wizz is a large park where you'll probably want to spend an entire day, so plan accordingly. You won’t have to pack a lunch or leave the park to eat, either, as there are numerous on-site restaurants and a shop with all of the essentials.


Ryan Family Amusements

You'll come across Ryan Amusements locations in Falmouth, Hyannis, South Yarmouth, and Buzzards Bay, in addition to other communities throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Most of these centers have bowling alleys, while all of them offer video games and party rooms.

Ryan Amusements is a great place to let the kids play indoors when the weather doesn't cooperate, and since you only pay for the games you play, it’s possible to get away without spending a whole lot of money. The fact that this is a chain of fun centers is also helpful because you know precisely what to expect at each location.


Cape Cod Inflatable Park

The Cape Cod Inflatable Park is the most extensive attraction of its type in the world and has four distinct areas. First, there's the original Inflatable Park, which is basically a series of themed bouncy castles. Each apparatus provides a different experience for children and adults alike, and your kids are likely to spend hours navigating through the park.

Next, there's the Challenge Zone, which is an adventure park with zip-lining, rock-climbing, a trapeze, a tightrope, and numerous other tests for your endurance and strength. Older kids will spend hours trying to get through the various courses and challenges, and parents are allowed to participate, as well.

Thirdly, there's The H2O, an attraction that just opened in 2018 featuring a waterpark, a lazy river, some waterslides, and a private pool with cabanas. If you rent one of the cabanas, you can spend the entire day relaxing by the swimming pool, or you can just fill your time enjoying the other water-based activities.

Finally, there's the Shark Tank, which is the largest arcade on Cape Cod. With over 50 games and a climate-controlled environment, the Shark Tank is a pleasant place to kill an afternoon if you’d rather be indoors.

All of these attractions come together to create a park where you can spend multiple days without your kids ever getting bored. Pricing depends on which parts of the venue you’ll be using, but you can decide what you want to experience after you arrive at this one-of-a-kind park.


Various Mini Golf Courses

There are many different places to play mini golf on Cape Cod. Depending on where your vacation rental is located, you can choose Cape Escape Adventure Golf, Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf, Skull Island, Wild Animal Lagoon, Putters Paradise, or Harbor Lights Mini Golf, just to name a few, to play a round.

The great thing about there being so many different courses is that each one offers something different. For example, Cape Escape Adventure Golf, in Orleans, has fishing boats and koi fish, while Harbour Lights in Brewster features a waterfall and serves world famous Gifford's Ice Cream. Putters Paradise in Yarmouth is a Cape Cod-themed course and Skull Island, also in Yarmouth, takes you to a deserted island that is protecting a pirate's treasure. You’ll have the chance to experience all different forms of mini golf during your time on the Cape.


Grand Slam Entertainment

There's a little bit of everything at Grand Slam Entertainment, as you can ride the bumper boats, take a few swings in the batting cage, hit the zip line, or climb the rock wall. The center is located right on Main Street in Harwich and is close to Bud's Go-Karts and the Trampoline Center, so you can spend the entire day in this area while trying a variety of different things. There are plenty of restaurants nearby, as well.

Grand Slam Entertainment is a cash-only facility, and you must pay for each attraction individually. As a result, you want to make sure you visit an ATM before arrival.


Cartland of Cape Cod

Almost right next to Water Wizz of Cape Cod in Wareham is Cartland of Cape Cod. This amusement park is known for its go-karts, and for good reason because it has three different styles, but it also features bumper boats, mini golf, batting cages, boxing robots, and water balloon fights.

Cartland isn't the largest amusement park on Cape Cod, but it's certainly worth taking the kids to if they're into go-karts. Remember, however, that this park is entirely outdoors, so it's only an option when the weather isn’t an issue.


Cap'n Kids Fishing Adventures

Getting your kids out fishing is always a good idea, and Cap'n Kids Fishing Adventures makes it extremely easy. This fishing vessel is specially geared towards children, as it takes two-hour trips into the ocean on a boat certified by the U.S. Coast Guard and provides everything they'll need throughout the day. If you want to get your kids out on the water, this is probably the best way to start.

Keep in mind that at least one responsible adult must accompany the kids on the boat, but you’ll be able to relax while the professionals teach them how to fish and keep them thoroughly entertained throughout the ride.


Keeping the Kids Occupied

When traveling with kids, it’s vital that you have a plan to keep them occupied each and every day. While it’s nice to have free attractions like the beaches on Cape Cod, taking them somewhere different on occasion also makes for an enjoyable day.

Take the time to research a few of these fun centers on Cape Cod before your arrival and figure out a plan based on what your children enjoy. You'll be happy that you're aware of all the choices Cape Cod has to offer throughout your vacation.

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