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The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Harwich, Massachusetts
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, March 30, 2020

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Mornings might be a little bit slower on your Cape Cod vacation, as you won't have to rush out the door to get the kids to school or your self to work.

Instead, you can take it easy, enjoying the early hours of the day, and figuring out how you want to spend the rest of it.

At some point, you'll want to grab a cup of coffee, and while you could make a cup in the kitchen of your vacation rental, it's always nice to stop by a local shop where residents and visitors congregate.

You'll have multiple options from which to choose in Harwich, MA, so here are the town's top five places to grab a cup of coffee.

Perks Coffee Shop & Beer Garden

You'll quickly notice that Perks seems like two businesses in one, as they have a morning atmosphere and something completely different going on at night.

Assuming that you stop by in the morning for a cup of coffee, you'll find beans roasted by Wicked Joe in Brunswick, Maine, and learn that all of their coffee is organic and fair trade.

Perks Coffee Shop is also known for its espressos, iced coffees, and smoothies, so you'll have a lot of variety once you walk through the doors. You can grab a quick breakfast here, too, as they carry sandwiches and full meals at reasonable prices.

And if you want to come by Perks at night, they also have a beer garden, live music, and a raw bar.

Lighthouse Cafe

Over in Northwest Harwich, the Lighthouse Cafe is more of a diner than a coffee shop, but if you're looking for a full, hearty breakfast with your drink, this is the place to go.

The Lighthouse Cape is a throwback to the small, local hidden gems that you likely used to hear about but could never find. Here, you'll find an excellent breakfast meal, and they have a bakery, too, if you want to bring some fresh items back to your vacation rental.

Dunkin' Donuts

You might try to avoid chains while on your Cape Cod vacation, but you can't argue with the convenience and reliability of Dunkin'. As a result, if you're looking for a quick cup of coffee in the morning, you can stop by one of the three stores in Harwich and be back at your vacation rental in a matter of minutes.

Dunkin' is an institution in New England, so it makes sense that you'd come across a few on this part of the Cape. As for the locations, there's one on Main Street in Harwich Port, one on Pleasant Lake Avenue in Harwich Center, and a third on Brewster-Chatham Road in East Harwich. You can also get Dunkin' coffee at the Shell gas station on Brewster-Chatham Road.

Capeside Kitchen

Back on Main Street in Harwich Port is another local institution: the Capeside Kitchen. This local eatery is a popular brunch spot on weekends that also features full breakfast and lunch menus, in addition to some of the Cape's best coffee.

Many visitors to the Capeside Kitchen partake in their mimosa and bloody Marys, so you'll have all kinds of choice when heading here in the morning.

Much like the Lighthouse Cafe, this isn't a place where you'll stop in for a quick cup of coffee, but rather a location to spend a big chunk of your morning, so plan accordingly if you're stopping by.


Yes, Starbucks is another chain on this list, but sometimes familiarity is a good thing while on vacation. Unlike other parts of the country, you won't find Starbucks on every corner of Cape Cod.

There are a few, however, including the one inside the Stop & Shop at Harwich Commons in East Harwich.

The good news is that this particular Starbucks retains its small-town feel, likely due to its position inside a grocery store in a quieter part of the Cape. It's also important to note that this cafe doesn't open until the rest of the store does at 7:30 AM, so it's not the best choice for early risers.

Make the Most of Your Cape Cod Mornings

No matter how you want to spend your mornings on your Cape Cod vacation, you'll have options in Harwich, Massachusetts. Once you book a vacation rental in this quintessential Cape Cod town, have a look at the coffee and breakfast options available to you, and you won't be disappointed.

There's always something happening on the Cape, and even if you like getting up early on your vacation, you'll likely find a place with like-minded people open for business.

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