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Things to Do on Cape Cod's Largest Freshwater Pond
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Friday, March 5, 2021

Sitting between the towns of Brewster and Harwich, Long Pond is the largest freshwater pond on Cape Cod. At over 700 acres, the pond provides more than enough space for locals and visitors to get out on the water without visiting the ocean.

The great thing about Long Pond is that it stretches through multiple residential neighborhoods. As a result, it's possible to find vacation rentals nearby if you want to spend a week or longer in the area.

As you might expect on such a large water body, Long Pond offers plenty of activities, particularly in the summer months.

Here's a look at some of the best ways to spend some time at Long Pond in Harwich and Brewster, Massachusetts.

The Beaches

Perhaps the best reason to head to Long Pond is for the beaches, as there are three sandy areas with various amenities.

  • Long Pond Beach – On the south end of the pond in Harwich is Long Pond Beach, a decent-sized sandy area with a large parking lot, lifeguards on duty, and a boat ramp. This beach doesn't get overly busy and is a pleasant place to cool off on a warm summer's day.
  • Lond Pond Brewster Beach – The north side of the pond, off Crowell's Bog Road, is Long Pond Brewster Beach. This venue is smaller than the one in Harwich but has a floating dock that swimmers can use, in addition to a large paved parking lot and a roped-off swimming area. There's a boat ramp beside the beach, too.
  • Cahoon Road Beach - The smallest of the pond's three public beaches is Cahoon Road Beach. This facility has lifeguards on duty and a small boat launch, in addition to a roped-off swimming area. If your vacation rental is near the east side of Long Pond, Cahoon Road Beach is worth a visit.

All of these beaches offer excellent places to spend a day during your Cape Cod vacation. However, lounging in the sand and going for a swim are only some of the activities you'll find there.

Nearby Kayak Rentals

The ponds around Cape Cod offer some outstanding opportunities for kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders, and Long Pond is no different.

If you've brought your kayak or SUP to the Cape, you're ahead of the game and can drive to one of the boat ramps to enjoy a paddle. You aren't out of luck if you haven't brought a boat with you, though, because you can always rent one.

Adventure Chatham, for example, carries a wide selection of paddleboards and kayaks for rent. You can pick your boat up from their shop on Queen Anne Road, and they'll supply you with the racks you need to carry it on your vehicle. They'll also deliver to Long Pond's boat ramps as long as you can move the vessel from the parking lot to the water.

You can also rent a single or tandem kayak or a SUP from Rail Trail Bike Shop in Brewster. This facility will also deliver the boat for a $20 fee, or you can pick it up and take it wherever you wish.

Knowing that you can enjoy a day on Long Pond without bringing your boat to the Cape is sure to make your vacation that much more enjoyable.

Fish Species

Once you get out on the water, it's always nice to do some fishing. You never know; you might catch your next meal while enjoying the water.

Long Pond is a noteworthy fishing hole for locals, especially in the spring before it becomes a popular spot for swimmers and recreational boaters. The last survey conducted on the pond in 1992 found 12 different fish species, including alewife, American eel, yellow perch, white perch, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, brown bullhead, white sucker, and banded killifish.

The pond has some of the Cape's best smallmouth bass fishing, as it isn't uncommon to find fish in the three to five-pound range. There are some large perch in the pond, too, which also make for a tasty dinner.

A Great Day on the Cape

Vacationing on Cape Cod likely means spending a lot of time outdoors with your family, and locations like Long Pond in Brewster and Harwich make it easier to achieve that goal.

This large pond has recreational opportunities for all age groups and, despite its significant size, might be one of the Cape's best-kept secrets.

Keep in mind that you'll need a Brewster or Harwich non-resident beach sticker if you're driving to Long Pond. These stickers are available per day, week, or season, depending on how long you're spending on the Cape.

Making the most of your time on Cape Cod should involve spending at least a couple of days like a local, which could include some time enjoying Long Pond.

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