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The Brewster Brew Run
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, July 16, 2018

On Saturday, August 11, 2018, the 40th annual Brewster Brew Run will take place. This charity event is 5.2 miles long and carries a $20 entry fee with proceeds going to Brewster Rescue and Safety. Generally speaking, the run brings in $20,000 annually for a worthy cause, while also allowing you to get out there and enjoy yourself.

If you’re visiting Cape Cod this summer, sign yourself up for the Brewster Brew Run because not only does it give you something to strive for on your vacation, but you’ll also meet some locals and have a great time at the party after.

That is because the run is called the Brew Run for a reason. At the end of the race, you’re given a free beer to enjoy while you reminisce about your run and begin looking forward to next year’s edition. And, of course, you’re free to buy a few more beers after your free one because you’ll have earned it after your run on Cape Cod.


About the Run

This year's race will start at 4 PM and is 5.2 miles in length. There are five water stations along the way, and parking is available at both Townhall and Eddy Elementary School. The parking lots are about half a mile east of the Woodshed Bar, but there is a free shuttle available to take you to and from the starting line.

Digital timers are used at all checkpoints and the finish line, and all timing is done professionally. This timing is notable for serious runners who are looking to beat a personal best. There are restrooms along the course, and strollers are not permitted.

Keep in mind that the race is known as much for the prizes given out afterwards as the run itself. Since this is a charity event for the Brewster Rescue Squad, numerous local businesses donate awards to be handed to racers, so make sure you stick around after completing the run to see if you've won something.


The Route

The race starts and finishes in the same area: by the Woodshed Bar on Route 6A. After beginning the race on Route 6A, runners will turn onto Lower Road, where they will pass the Cobb House Museum and the Brewster Cemetery. Lower Road is also where you'll find checkpoint number one.

Following a lengthy stretch on Lower Road, the course takes a turn south on Paine's Creek Road, home of checkpoint number two, before heading east on Stony Brook Road. This stretch of the route passes Smith Pond before making another turn onto Tubman Road. Tubman Road is where you'll come across checkpoint numbers three and four, the latter of which is where the road meets Long Pond Road, which is close to the parking lot for the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

Finally, the route heads on Long Pond Road until it meets Harwich Road, which you'll follow to the finish line on Route 6A. As was mentioned previously, the race as a whole is 5.2 miles long, with the fastest runners completing the course in under 28 minutes while running at a pace of 5:15 per mile. The majority of runners can finish the road race in under an hour, so you'll likely have a cold beer in your hand by 5 PM if you choose to participate this year.


Benefits to Brewster Rescue and Safety

Proceeds raised through entry fees and other donations go to Brewster Rescue and Safety. The money is then used to train firefighters, paramedics, and other life-saving individuals. New equipment is also purchased with the proceeds raised by this and other events, ensuring members of Brewster Fire and Rescue are prepared to handle any issues that come their way. In fact, a brand new, state-of-the-art fire station officially opened on June 23, 2018, and the department received a new ambulance in July 2018, as well.

Brewster didn't have a fire department until 1926, and its first fire station wasn't built until 1941. Before the construction of the fire hall, the town's fire truck was stored in firefighter Edward Dillingham's garage. As you can see, the department has come a long way over the years, and much of this development is due to the efforts put in by local citizens raising money for this excellent cause.


Your Cape Cod Vacation

You’ll find plenty of ways to spend your time outdoors during your Cape Cod vacation, with the Brewster Brew Run bring one of the more rewarding activities available. While it is recommended that you’re an active person in good running condition if you choose to participate in the race, you don’t have to be an experienced half marathon runner or have any marathon training whatsoever to give it a try.

If you plan to be on Cape Cod during the second weekend in August, head over to Brewster to give the annual Brew Run a try or, at the very least, stop by for a beer after the race and show your support for a great cause.

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