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The Top 5 Sandwich Shops in Harwich
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, May 13, 2019


When it’s lunchtime in Harwich, you’ll have some choices. The Main Street area is full of restaurants within walking distance of Bank Street Beach, and you’ll also find dining options in West Harwich, East Harwich, and Harwich Center. So no matter where you’re hanging out, there’s somewhere nearby to eat.

But what are you in the mood for today?

Numerous pubs, pizzerias, seafood restaurants, and fast food joints operate in Harwich, but for lunch, you might consider checking out the town’s sandwich scene. The good news is that Harwich has a variety of places to get a great sandwich, some of which might surprise you.

Here is a list of the top five places to get a sandwich in Harwich, Massachusetts.


1) East Harwich Market Deli

The East Harwich Market is basically a convenience store, so it’s a little surprising to learn that it is home to a deli that makes some of the best sandwiches in Harwich. Located in Harwich East Plaza on Orleans-Harwich Road, the deli not only provides a wide selection of cured meats and cheeses to take home, but you can also order sandwiches and subs that are ready in minutes. The market is perfect if you're in a hurry, but want a top-notch meal on the go. It’s also a convenient option if you’re heading to the beach and want to pick something up on the way.


2) Corner Store

Its address says Chatham, but Corner Store is steps from East Harwich, a short drive from Harwich Center, and a long ways from Chatham's town center, so we'll include it on the list. When you approach Corner Store, you'll immediately notice that its exterior looks like an old country store, but once you head inside, you'll see a diverse sandwich menu that keeps locals coming back for more. The restaurant serves all sandwiches and paninis with premium meats and cheeses, and if you're in a rush, you can phone or fax your order in ahead of time to have it waiting for you.


3) Mason Jar

The Mason Jar Delicatessen claims to have the best sandwiches on Cape Cod, and once you give it a try, there's a good chance you'll agree. This eatery also has an outstanding atmosphere, as it sits in an old, character-filled house and even has a small dining area in the front yard where you can watch the people go by on Harwich Port's Main Street. The prices here are another reason to stop by; where else can you get lunch for under $10? If you're spending the day at Bank Street Beach, the Mason Jar is only about a ten-minute walk from its shores.


4) George's Pizza House

George's wins awards for its pizza every year, including being named the best pizza restaurant in Harwich every year since 2003 and the best overall pizza joint on Cape Cod by the Cape Cod Times in 2014. An often overlooked aspect of George's Pizza House, however, is that its sub sandwiches are some of the best available anywhere on the Cape. The only drawback is that the sub menu has so much going on that it’s almost impossible to decide on what you want. The restaurant’s location on Main Street means that it’s within walking distance of the beach and is a convenient place to pop in if you’re meandering through the area’s shops.


5) Scribano's Italian Market and Deli

A trip up Route 28 guides you to Scribano's Italian Market and Deli, a family-run venue known for its specialty sandwiches, subs, and homemade sides. Here, you can take your lunch to go, enjoy it in the dining room, or, if the weather cooperates, have a bite out on the patio. And, oh yeah, the sandwiches are enormous, so bring your appetite. Cannolis, authentic gelato, and Italian ice are also available if you’re in the mood for dessert after your meal. Scribano's closes for the winter, but generally re-opens for the year in April and is about a 15-minute walk, or three-minute drive, from Earle Road Beach.


Great Lunches in Harwich

When staying at a vacation rental on Cape Cod, you’re never far from high-end restaurants, cozy clam shacks, or lunch counters with famous sandwiches. Part of the charm is that you can avoid chain restaurants and enjoy the food at locally-owned and operated businesses up and down the Cape.

In Harwich, you’ll find tasty sandwich creations at all of these venues, so make sure you stop by a couple of them to see what they have to offer.

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