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The Quirky Gift Shops of Downtown Falmouth, MA
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Tuesday, March 16, 2021

photo of gift shops in falmouth

Main Street in downtown Falmouth is a great place to do some shopping on your Cape Cod vacation because there's a little bit of everything. 

The area is incredibly unique thanks to its abundance of historic buildings, and you'll find all kinds of boutique clothing stores and local restaurants as you wander its sidewalks.

Downtown Falmouth also has multiple gift shops, each of which has novel offerings and features items you're unlikely to find anywhere else in town.

It's a little strange that such a small area would have so many gift shops, but this saturation is a good thing for Cape Cod's visitors because it means you'll have numerous options for finding souvenirs.

Blast From The Past

One of Falmouth Village's most popular shops is Blast From The Past, a small store that sells rare comics and all kinds of vintage collectibles.

Blast From The Past has a great selection of old-fashioned signs that you can hang in your rec room, throwback games from your childhood that your kids have never seen, and vinyl records if you have the technology to play them.

Some souvenirs are specific to Cape Cod, too, including vintage wall hangings featuring scenes from Falmouth's past that will make you feel like you've gone back to the 1950s.

Overall, Blast From The Past is the type of store that generally doesn't exist anymore, giving you more than enough reason to check it out during your Falmouth vacation.

Homespun Garden

If you love Cape Cod and want to remember your vacations to the area year-round, Homespun Garden has some souvenirs for you. 

This shop on Main Street offers a wide selection of locally-made crafts, in addition to housewares like plates, mugs, salt and pepper shakers, and serving platters that will keep the ocean on your mind.

Other offerings include paintings, candles, bags, signs, and jewelry, all of which ensure your Cape Cod memories stay active in-between visits.

Twigs Personal & Home Accessories

Much like Homespun Garden, Twigs Personal & Home Accessories is full of items you can pack with your luggage and use around the house after your vacation. Souvenirs on offer here include handbags, soap, clothing, pictures, and candles, all of which feature a local flair.

The shop also has a wide selection of signs, scarves, blankets, pillows, and cute trinkets made by Cape Cod residents. After all, it's always nice to support one of the Cape's outstanding artisans when buying gifts for your family at home.

Twigs and Homespun are almost neighbors, as only Cape Chic clothing store sits between them, making it easy to check out both vendors as you walk Main Street.


Celebrations is a gift shop featuring many unique items like Falmouth-labeled checkerboards, model ships, nautical-themed beach bags, jewelry, pictures, signs, trinkets, and countless home decor accessories.

Many offerings at Celebrations are beach-related, making it a great place to pick up some items that remind you of your time on the Cape. Or, if you have a lakehouse back home, grabbing some decor to hang up around the cottage is always a great idea.

You can grab some Cape Cod souvenirs here, too, including hats, mugs, and calendars. Overall, Celebrations is worth a stop on your Falmouth vacation.


Touche is an eclectic shop that carries a wide selection of women's clothing and handbags. They also have jewelry, accessories, sandals, and unique gift ideas for the entire family.

Speaking of family, there's a kids' section at Touche, so you can grab some toys and stuffies for the little ones in your life.

Although Touche is a little more of a clothing store than a gift shop, there are enough souvenirs available that it fits on this list, and it's a must-visit as you check out the boutiques of Falmouth Village.

Your Time in Falmouth

After booking a vacation rental in the Falmouth area, you'll surely want to spend some time downtown. 

This historic area is a meeting place for locals and visitors because it's home to Falmouth Village Green, the Falmouth Historical Society, numerous historic houses, multiple parks, and the Falmouth Commodores baseball team, to name a few.

Away from Main Street, Falmouth Village is also home to Falmouth Inner Harbor, Falmouth Marine Park, and Falmouth Plaza, providing even more reason to check the area out.

Making the most of your time in Falmouth is sure to include hours exploring downtown, and these gift shops could be a significant part of that journey.

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