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The Top 5 Ice Cream Shops in Dennis, MA
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Wednesday, August 11, 2021

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Spending part of your summer on the Cape will undoubtedly lead to lots of time in the sun. Of course, you'll have to cool down, so it's fortunate that Cape Cod is such a hotbed for ice cream shops.

There are tons of ice cream parlors in Dennis, Massachusetts, to the point where selecting a top-five list becomes a bit of a task. The reality is that you can't go wrong with most of these retailers, as they offer all the delicious flavors you could ever want for dessert.

Here's a look at some of the best ice cream shops you'll come across while vacationing in Dennis, MA.

1) Aunties' Ice Cream Parlor

Main Street in Dennis Port is home to Auntie's Ice Cream Parlor, a vintage-themed shop that first opened its doors in 2012.

Stepping into Auntie's is like going back through time to the 1950s, as the staff is decked out in throwback uniforms, and the decor and furniture look like they belong in an old-school diner.

As for the ice cream, you'll find over 36 different flavors, in addition to frozen yogurt, sundaes, sherbet, non-dairy sorbet, ice cream cakes, and ice cream pies. You can order your dessert by the scoop, pint, or quart, and they come served in plain, chocolate-dipped, and waffle cones.

If you're spending your vacation in Dennis Port, Auntie's Ice Cream Parlor is surely worth a visit.

2) Ice Cream Smuggler

There's a famous ice cream shop on Main Street in South Dennis called the Ice Cream Smuggler, and it's a location you have to check out anytime you're on the Cape.

The reason is that this ice cream parlor was featured on the Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" program, and many people believe it has the best homemade ice cream on the entire Cape.

Of course, you'll have to judge for yourself, but with roughly 40 flavors of ice cream available, you're sure to find something you like every time you visit.

Everything at the Ice Cream Smuggler is made on-site, and there are vegan options available, as well.

3) Sundae School Ice Cream

Sitting on Lower Country Road in Dennis Port, Sundae School Ice Cream is a fixture on Cape Cod, having been in operation since 1976. They have another location in Harwich, too, should you end up spending time in a neighboring community. 

The desserts at Sundae School Ice Cream are well-known on the Cape, and it has been named one of the country's best ice cream spots by Food and Wine Magazine. Everything at Sundae School Ice Cream is homemade, as well, and as a bonus, their products are for sale all year round.

As for the flavors, they generally vary by season at Sundae School Ice Cream, but you can expect to find close to 40 options at any given time, and, as its name suggests, you can grab a sundae at the parlor, too.

4) What's The Scoop

Shad Hole Road in Dennis Port might sound a little off the beaten path, but the reality is that it's just off Lower Country Road. This position puts What's The Scoop only a few minutes from Sundae School Ice Cream, giving you two wonderful options in a small section of town.

Although What's The Scoop doesn't make their ice cream on-site, they get it from Richardson's Farm Homemade Ice Cream, ensuring they're sourcing high-quality products for their customers. They also serve Richie's Premium Italian Ice and Cape Cod Coffee.

The menu at What's The Scoop features dozens of ice cream flavors, in addition to frozen yogurt, sundaes, banana boats, ice cream shakes, floats, freezes, smoothies, and gluten-free options, ensuring there's something for everyone who visits.

5) The House of Ice Cream

The House of Ice Cream is a relatively new addition to Cape Cod's ice cream scene, but they're quickly becoming quite popular thanks to their Main Street location in Dennis Port and the great products on their menu.

As you walk through the doors of this counter-service parlor, you'll find nearly 30 flavors of ice cream, in addition to sorbet, low-fat frozen yogurt, non-fat options, and numerous fruits, toppings, and sauces you can add.

You're sure to find the House of Ice Cream a fun place to visit with the family, and the toppings add a bit extra to your dessert every time you check them out.

Your Desserts in Dennis

Booking a vacation rental anywhere in Dennis puts you in a prime location for exploring the Cape. The town also features excellent attractions of its own, including its historic venues, beaches, and top-notch dining scene.

Naturally, you might venture out at night in search of dessert, as well, and Dennis has you covered there with its abundance of high-end ice cream shops. Make sure you check out a few of these local vendors when spending time in this community because they're sure to add more enjoyment to your time on the Cape.

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