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What to Expect at the Falmouth Cinema Pub
Posted by Kinlin Grover | Monday, November 9, 2020

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You'll never run out of things to do while vacationing on Cape Cod, and a trip to the movie theater might seem like a waste of time that takes you away from other activities.

After all, you can check out the newest releases when you return home. You probably don't want to spend your evening sitting inside when there are beautiful sunsets, live music at the parks, well-lit Main Streets, and other adventures waiting for you outdoors.

However, the Falmouth Cinema Pub provides a slightly different experience. That's because you can sit at a table with your family and friends at this venue and order drinks and food while watching the movie.

Since you have to eat anyway, enjoying a new release film with your meal helps you make the most of your time on the Cape.

Here's some information on the Falmouth Cinema Pub in Teaticket, Massachusetts.

How the Theater Works

The concept behind the Falmouth Cinema Pub is simple: it's a sit-down restaurant and bar with a full-sized movie screen. The room is smaller than a traditional theater, ensuring every table has an outstanding view of the action.

After heading to your seat, the staff will take your order and deliver your food while the film plays. The chairs even swivel so you can turn and face the screen when you aren't eating.

Having the opportunity to enjoy a meal and a cold beer while watching a new release movie provides good reason to check out this centrally-located venue in Falmouth.

As a bonus, the theater also shows New England Patriots' games on the big screen in the fall. Admission is free for these games as long as you purchase some food while you're there. It's just like watching the game at a traditional pub, except you'll have it on the big screen.

A Look at the Menu

You're probably wondering about the menu at the Falmouth Cinema Pub and, truthfully, it's a little basic. It has many options, but most of them are items you'd expect to find at a counter service snack shack. 

However, the uncomplicated menu isn't necessarily a bad thing because it's food your kids will enjoy, and it arrives quickly. 

Available items include hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, pizza, soups, and salads. There's also an appetizer menu with nachos, chicken wings, and other pub-style favorites, in addition to a kid's offering featuring smaller versions of full-menu items. 

You can grab a dessert or traditional movie theater snacks like popcorn and candy at the Falmouth Cinema Pub, and they have a pretty good selection of beer and wine, too.

Tickets and Showtimes

Admission to the Falmouth Cinema Pub starts with buying a ticket to the movie. Tickets for regular movies are $11 for adults and $9.75 for children and seniors.

The venue shows 3-D films once in a while, too, which cost $14 for adults and $12.75 for children and seniors. That price includes your 3-D glasses. 

You can also head to the theater in the afternoon, a handy option if you run into poor weather for a day or two on your Cape Cod vacation. All seats are $9.75 for regular matinees and $12.75 for 3-D films. The matinee prices apply to all shows taking place before 2:00 PM.

It's best to buy your tickets online ahead of time to ensure there are enough seats available when you arrive. The venue is small and fills up on weekends in the summer. 

You're encouraged to arrive 15 or 20 minutes before your showtime if you're planning to order food. Keep in mind that eating at the venue isn't mandatory; the food is just an available bonus if you're looking for a meal.

The theater sometimes runs classic movies, as well, allowing you to integrate some of the greatest films of all time into your dining experience.

With so many options at the Falmouth Cinema Pub, you're sure to find a time to stop by while visiting the Cape.

A Unique Experience on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is full of wonderful experiences that will make your vacation memorable for you and your family. While you might not envision spending time at a movie theater while getting away from it all on the Cape, the Falmouth Cinema Pub provides an experience that is different enough to be worth considering.

There might be nights where you just want to relax at your vacation rental with some drinks, food, and a movie. You could also have evenings where you don't feel like cooking and want a quiet night out with your family. 

The Falmouth Cinema Pub is an excellent option when looking to slow things down for the night. Here, you can let the kids have a meal and watch a movie while you ponder how you'll spend the next few days of your Cape Cod vacation.

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